Letter of Endorsement for Police Clearance Certificate from Indian Embassy

In order to apply for the police clearance certificate while living in Saudi Arabia, you have to apply for the endorsement letter from your embassy. The Police Clearance Certificate is required if someone wants to go to European country or western country.

They require from the applicant to provide the Police Clearance Certificate of each and every country he or she has lived in last 10 years. The procedure of getting Endorsement letter from Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia for Police Clearance Certificate has been explained below.

Our regular reader Mr. Muhammad Ali shared this procedure with us. He is Indian Citizen. Please read in detail the following if you are an Indian citizen and want to apply for Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia.

I went to the Indian Passport Office Dammam located in Al Adama near Dammam Palace Hotel and asked at the counter what I should have to do to get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

They gave me “Form-2” and told that to fill that application and attach a passport copy, iqama copy and a recent passport size photograph.

I filled the application and gave it back to the counter along with those detailed documents. Even if you don't know to fill the application, don't worry there is a person sitting outside who will fill that, he will charge something.

You have to fill the application with your name, permanent home address, your current residing address, and your passport details like expiry date, issued at, issued on etc.

Strike out the column that describes “application for police clearance certificate” and gives your mobile number, and the signature, at last fix a passport sized photograph at the top right corner and return it to the counter with passport and iqama copies.

From the counter now you will get a token and go inside with your filled application and wait for your chance. Submit the filled application there when they call your number, and there you have to make the payment also.

I paid 117 SAR including service charges. And he will give you a slip; the expected delivery date would have been there, normally one week after. I am waiting for that date now to get it. It is hardly a half an hour job if it is not crowded.

If you want to share your personal experience of getting Police Clearance Certificate or the letter of endorsement from another embassy, please feel free to comment below.

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