21 Umrah pilgrims died, 28 injured in a traffic accident

Heartbreaking news came from Abha on Monday evening when a bus crash caused the death of 21 Umrah pilgrims and 28 got injured who were on their way to Makkah to perform Umrah.

When? The bus accident took place at around 4 pm on 27 March 2023.

Where? The accident took place in Aqabat Shaar, in Asir province when the bus was heading from Khamis Mushayat to Abha.

The Aqabat Shaar is a 14 kilometers road that was opened over 40 years ago. Its construction included cutting through mountains and establishing 11 tunnels and 32 bridges.

Why? Reports indicate that there were some problems with breaks on the bus that led to a collision with a barrier at the end of a bridge, which caused it to overturn and catch fire.

After the accident: Civil Defense and Saudi Red Crescent teams as well as the security authorities rushed to the scene after receiving information about the accident and started rescue operations.

Traffic movement was obstructed along the road for several hours following the accident. The bodies of the deceased pilgrims as well as the injured were taken to a number of hospitals in the region.

Source: Arab News

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