2 Years Jail for organizing a wild mix Gender Party

Each country in the world is different. Every country, region or even continent on earth has different rules, values, norms, and customs which are more often than not heavily influenced by the prevalent religion in the region. These social and cultural norms which vary from region to region, from country to country can involve several different aspects of the daily lives of each of these various regions and countries. These norms dictate our daily lives in every aspect. If we take the norms and culture of the western world, we can see it is a liberal one, where women are allowed to wear what they want and men and women are allowed to openly socialize in public, however the same cannot be said in some Muslim countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as their social and cultural norms, which are dictated or set by the Islamic teachings does not allow women to dress immodestly and also does not allow unrelated men and women to socialize.[irp]

Countries, in which the Islamic teachings are followed, often have various punishments for acts which might be considered extremely normal in other countries where other religions are largely followed. Special Forces have been created in Muslim majority countries such as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia who are appointed the task of ensuring nobody is doing any act which might be in contradiction to Islamic teachings. The specialized criminal court in Jeddah has just given a sentence to a Saudi origin businessman. The sentence was a two-year long stint in prison, for allegedly hosting a party in a resort where people of both genders were mingling openly. The resort was already in the process of being closed down for 3 years due to such parties being hosted there.

In accordance to the local media, the court has also subsequently sentenced three expatriates of Yemeni origin, to different prison terms for being directly involved in the party. One of the Yemeni expatriates received two years, the other 1 year and the third was given a 7-month sentence. After finishing their sentence, the three will be deported. The Saudi businessman is also the owner of the resort where this party had been held. He denied his involvement in the wild party and stated that he had only rented out the place.

The court rejected the claims after it was discovered that he had a housing unit for himself in the resort and his sons would often frequent the resort too. The court has also ordered the arrest of three other suspects involved in the incident which also involves the son of the businessman who has fled to a foreign country after the incident.[irp]

The 4 convicted people intend to appeal their sentences within the next 30 days as per allowance by the law. Upwards of 50 people had been detained after the party was raided on the third day of Eid al Fitr. The party had liquor and other substances present in several of the guests at the party in the inebriated state.

Source: Arab News

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