Saudi MOL grants 2 weeks leave to private sector

In an act to curb coronavirus, the Ministry of Labor has granted @weeks' leave to private-sector employees with a few exceptions. 

All the private sector employees working at the Head Offices are granted 15 days' leave.

The private sector companies have to reduce the staff at its branches and plants to 40% by allowing workers to work from home. Here are the rules related to the announcement;

1 – At any workplace or site where the number of employees exceeds 50, the temperature of employees should be checked at the time of entrance.

2 – Ensuring that sufficient spaces are available between workers in the workplace and the workers' housing.

3 – Obliging the private sector establishments to close health clubs and nurseries located in its premises.

4 – The private sector establishments shall provide a mechanism to ensure that the workers inform the competent administration about those who show coronavirus symptoms. 

All those employees who have recently come from outside Saudi Arabia must isolate themselves for a period of 15 days before coming to the worksite.

5 – Grant a compulsory leave of 14 days and not counted from the leave balance for all employees who fall into the following cases

    • Pregnant and lactating women

    • Respiratory diseases

    • Immunodeficiency diseases and users of immunosuppressive drugs, tumors, chronic diseases

    • workers over fifty-five years old

6 – For private sector establishments that provide utility services to government agencies, they must coordinate with those bodies before suspending attendance at workplaces.

7 – For private sector establishments that are unable to comply with the proportion of their attendance at the workplace specified in Clause (Second) above, they must submit their requests to the authority that supervises them.

Saudi Arabia has already announced that banks and government offices will remain closed for a period of 2 weeks starting from Monday.

The government has already closed down all the shopping malls across the Kingdom except for grocery stores and pharmacies.

Source: MLSD

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