2 Saudis gifted brand-new 4WD car to a Yemeni

2 Saudi men rewarded a Yemeni expat Abu Qais with a brand new four-wheel drive car for saving their lives.

Viral Video

He saved two Saudi brothers from drowning during flash floods in Al Raith governorate, located in Jizan.

The tribes in Al Raith governorate praised him for his selflessness, and the video of the reward ceremony went viral, earning the Yemeni expatriate widespread admiration from people across the region.

Stuck in floods

The two Saudi brothers were stuck in floods caused by heavy rains while they were searching for a herd of cattle in a valley, and their uncle drove to them in his four-drive vehicle to save them. Unfortunately, the vehicle was swept away by the floods, and the uncle lost his life in the attempt.

However, the two brothers were later rescued by a Yemeni man, identified as Abu Qais, who intervened to rescue them from the floods.

Gifts for the Yemeni

In recognition of his bravery, tribes in Al Raith governorate presented Abu Qais with a 2023 jeep and other gifts as a token of appreciation. Their words were;

“You did a favor to us and Allah supported you,” said a tribesman, addressing Abu Qais at an honoring ceremony. “This is a simple, symbolic gift. Allah witnesses you deserve more.”

Response from Abu Qais

Abu Qais, in response, stated that he was only performing his religious duty, and any Arab would have done the same.

He expressed gratitude to the tribes and said, “May Allah elevate your status.”

The incident highlights the dangers of flash floods, particularly during the rainy season, and the importance of having the necessary equipment and expertise to handle such emergencies.

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