2 Saudis arrested for making fun of an expat

Saudi police have arrested 2 Saudis for making fun of an expat. A video has been circulating online where 2 Saudis are pranking an expat.

Viral Video

It can be seen in the video that two YouTubers, one of them pretending to be a driver while the other one is wearing a veil, are sitting in a car with a Sudani.

When the driver took off for something, the man in the backseat wearing an Abaya and pretending to be a girl started touching him inappropriately to seduce him and exploit the emotions of the Sudani expat.

She also tells the expat that her husband stays outside most of the time and does not fulfill her desires.

Ultimately, they disclosed that it was a prank, and the boy pretending to be a girl removed her veil. Later they uploaded the video on social media that seriously affected both the pranksters and the Sudani expat.

Response by the Expat

After the video went viral, the Sudani expat uploaded another video explaining that they had ruined his life and tarnished his reputation in my family. His wife has also left his home after watching this video.

The Arrest of Saudi YouTubers

After the video went viral, the Saudi prosecutor general ordered to arrest the two involved in the prank and take legal action against them. The two Saudi Youtubers have been arrested.

While the verdict has not been given yet, the pranksters can be jailed for five years and be levied with a fine of SR 3 million if found guilty.

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