2 passengers arrested in Riyadh with drugs stitched inside their Stomach

4066 2 passengers arrested in Riyadh with Heroin stitched inside their Stomach 00

The word drug is related to any medicine or stuff introduced into the body by injecting or ingesting which makes a difference in our inner systems, directly controlling our organs and functions.

Lifesaving drugs are a blessing, the best of the discoveries and inventions in the biomedical field and science making our lives better, comfortable and lead a healthy life.

There are some bad greedy and inhumane natured people who sell other drugs which not only harm the people physically and mentally but financially also.

These drugs are fatal, making a person ingesting them feel good for a few moments while destroying his or her inner organs, seizure of brain and killing the person from within.

These drugs are banned in many countries just to stop people from using it but some inhumane people still don’t care for other’s lives and have found illegal ways to provide these drugs to different countries.

Drug smuggling has become a huge business, in accordance with supply and demand. Along with the rise of involvement of money in our daily lives, people have made drug supply a very profitable business.

Smuggling drugs are common in every part of the world. Smugglers use different techniques to smuggle such risky drugs to different parts of the world but sometimes they use unusual sources and techniques to unlawfully supply their drugs.

Recently a report by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) stated that two drugs couriers were arrested separately as they were trying to smuggle a large amount of Heroin by carrying in their stomach. It is such a shocking news to hear.

How can a man be so cruel that he tore his body without caring about his health just to smuggles these drugs? Allah better know the reality behind this what forced them to do so?

Customs official at the King Khaled International Airport (KKIA) has thwarted two attempts to smuggle Heroin from the Saudi Kingdom to Britain. Heroin is one of the banned drugs of Saudi Arabia.

Sultan Fuhaid, the customs director of KKIA said that one of the suspects was found with 100 capsules each containing 811.5 milligrams of heroin. He was trying to board his flight to London.

Another suspect was found traveling through a different flight and 477 grams of heroin was found hidden in his bowel.

This is indeed an inhumane act, these drugs are banned because it becomes an addiction, the person addicted to them are seen paying heavy amounts for a small quantity just to satisfy their drug need. Such bad things.

These drugs have categories but all of them lead to unnatural death. These drugs not only cause the failure of the organ but also becoming a reason for hepatitis.

The families of drug addicted have been seen in intense pain along with the person himself, going down financially and physically and becoming a living dead.

The price of one gram heroin in the streets is around $20. The drugs captured by the Saudi authorities in these two instances would cost around $300,000. Your life is way precious than any amount of money, why to take all this risk?

Source: Arab News

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