2 Pakistanis deported for faking fingerprints

2 Pakistanis 🇵🇰 who were trying to enter Saudi Arabia using forged biometrics have been caught and deported from Madina airport.

Expats are banned from entering Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 for several reasons, such as running away from their employer or not returning back after going to their home countries on an exit reentry visa.

Once they are banned, they are not allowed to enter the country during the ban.

However, in some cases, the banned expats try to circumvent the system by faking their biometrics. These two Pakistanis did the same when they applied for the Saudi visa by faking their fingerprints.

Once they landed in Saudi Arabia and had to do the biometrics again, they were caught immediately as their name appeared in the list of people banned in the country. After the legal proceedings, they were deported back to their home country.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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