2 Girls and a Boy starved, locked and beaten by the real mother for 20 years in Madina

The torture that had been sustained by three children by none other than their very own mother in the Khaibar Province in the Madina Region will wrack the nerves of every single parent and individual out there.

This horrid affair continued for an astonishing three years in front of the father of the children who was helpless and bound to a wheelchair. The victims, one boy, and two girls, had been starved, regularly beaten and confined to their home, by a woman who had been a naturalized mother.

The children, who were understandably traumatized, were moved to a social care center located in Madina. The eldest amongst the children was a 20-year-old girl. Her brother is in dire need of urgent medical attention because of his poor health condition.

The initial investigations that had been carried out by the authorities established that the mother was also helped in the torture by two older stepbrothers, who had been arrested however were later released on bail.

The mother had been found unfit for taking care of the children and is currently being prosecuted. One of the uncles of the children had stated that their mother had gotten Saudi nationality after her marriage; however, she went against her maternal instincts and subjected her own children to the harshest violence imaginable, while also preventing them from having food several times.

All the beating and torture done to the children was done in front of their father who had lost his legs to gangrene and was confined to a wheelchair. The inhuman treatment of the children at the hands of their own mother was due to financial issues. The youngest daughter had also complained about the family violence 2 years ago, however, the authorities did not take any action on the matter. 

Only when the tortured son somehow appeared on a short video clip which in turn went viral on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc., which showed him while he was being tortured as well as his psychological troubles that any action had been taken by the authorities.

He had claimed that he had contacted the Ministry of Labor and Social Development some time ago. They, in turn, informed him that the Ministry would be sending an employee to their home to check on the situation, however, nobody contacted him.

The uncle of the children has stated that the vile mother must be held accountable for the heinous harm she has inflicted upon his nieces and nephews. The uncle also stated that the Saudi nationality of the woman should also be immediately withdrawn and that the extended family of the children had planned on filing a complaint against the vile mother at a higher level.

Source: Arab News

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