HR Ministry proposal: 2 days off, 40 hours a week in private sector

HR Ministry is studying the prospects of 2 days weekend and 40 working hours in a week in the private sector, said Saad Al-Hammad, the spokesperson of the HR Ministry.

Saad Al-Hammad said that the ministry had previously worked on proposed amendments to the Labor Law and had put forward these for feedback through a public opinion poll platform.

Ministry needs to take a bold decision

The HR Ministry spokesperson said that the Ministry will have to take a firm decision on implementing the two-day weekend to make the private sector more attractive for the skillful labor and professionals.

The HR Ministry is confident that the new strategy will bring radical reforms in both public and private sectors in the labor market.

Source: Saudi Gazette

How likely is it going to be implemented?

While most large-sized entities and multinational companies have already implemented this policy, the Ministry will face resistance from medium and small-size companies.

In my opinion, it is not going to be implemented soon across the country due to the resistance from medium and small-size employers.

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