2 children got engaged in Egypt – Dancing videos went Viral

The year 2018 can be called the year of children’s engagement in Egypt. Earlier this year a 12 years boy was engaged to a 16 years old girl in Al Fayoum Governorate. A similar thing happened again. Two children were again engaged at a very young age.

14 years old girl was engaged to a 15 years old boy. This engagement ceremony occurred in Kafar Al Sheikh Governorate. The video clip of this underage couple engagement ceremony was posted on social media by their friends and relatives which sparked outrage on social media all around the Arab world.

Viral Video of Children Engagement

The videos went viral and started a controversial debate among the people. In a national TV show, the host asked the boy’s mother about the engagement. The mother confirmed the engagement disclosing the underage couple names as Fares and Nada.

Instead of getting ashamed, she totally defended the engagement. She cleared her statement that whatever you saw in the video is the truth.

4873 2 children got engaged in Egypt – Dancing videos went Viral

Mother defends the engagement of children

She said that it was her son’s engagement ceremony, he was engaged to one of our relative's daughter. They both are young and love each other. We always say that they are made for each other and thus we did their engagement officially.

4873 2 children got engaged in Egypt – Dancing videos went Viral 01

The host asked the boy’s mother that doesn’t she think that her boy is too young for such a big move, to which she said, her son might seem young but for them, he is all grown up and a wise person. He is responsible for his studies and his work. He works with his father after school.

The two kids who got engaged love each other

The two kids love each other, and we don’t think we have done anything wrong.  For the wedding, she said it is set to take place after four years.

People totally regret this condition saying our children need to experience their childhoods just like everyone else did in their age.

Many labeled it as a form of child abuse and called the authorities to take an action against this type of happenings. They said the people must be punished and the parents must be held accountable.

During all the criticism the Government of Egypt ordered to investigate the case. The public prosecution decided to take an action against the two kid’s parents and called them for questioning as they had violated the child protection laws.


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