1st marriage during COVID-19 lockdown in Saudi Arabia

As coronavirus has spread across the Kingdom, as a protective measure, the KSA has imposed lockdown. However, life has to continue, people need to make decisions that are important to them.

The government of Saudi Arabia has banned marriage halls from operating until further notice. However, it has not stopped some people from marrying. Here is a story of a couple in Saudi Arabia who married during coronavirus lockdown.

Amid coronavirus lockdown, the first marriage that has taken place in Saudi Arabia was cut short to 10 attendees only. The marriage took place at Tayma Governorate on Thursday after the afternoon prayers.

5571 The “first marriage” during Coronavirus lockdown in Saudi Arabia

The marriage decision was important to the family and thereby undertook it while complying with the social distancing, minimum contact and minimum gathering rules by the government.

The groom’s father, Abdul Razzaq, told that the marriage was pre-determined. They did not know that the coronavirus outbreak would be causing a lockdown. They respect the law of Saudi Arabia and thereby limited the number of participants to 10.

He also praised the efforts that have been made by the government to reduce and restrict the spread of the novel virus.

One of the twitter users congratulated the groom and appreciated the fact that the marriage was undertaken according to the rules stated by the government.

Source: Sabq

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