1st brain surgery to treat depression in KSA

Saudi doctors have performed the first successful brain surgery to treat depression. This was done by a medical team specializing in neurosurgery and psychiatry at King Salman Medical City in Madinah.

Why Surgery?

A patient with chronic depression was treated with successful brain surgery. The patient had been suffering from depression for 25 years.

According to doctors, he was consistently thinking about death and was in a permanent state of sadness and anxiety.

What did they do?

Bilateral anterior gyrus resection was done on the patient while he was under full anesthesia.

The surgery has shown considerable relief in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Post-surgery, the patient shows improvement in mood and sleeping hours.

Is depression surgery for everyone?

Before you jump on to any conclusion, keep in mind that this was the last resort for doctors to treat the patient. The depression faced by most of us would be treated by oral medicine and by improving our lifestyle.

This is a unique service being provided in the Middle East by King Salman Medical City. It helps people dealing with depression through surgery!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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