186 Private Schools in KSA agree to reduce fee by 50%

A new initiative was announced by the private schools association in the Tabuk region. The owners of 186 private schools in the northern region of Tabuk have decided to cut their fees by half in the first semester of this new academic year.

This piece of gesture will benefit about 30,000 students studying in the northern Tabuk region of private schools.  The pandemic has affected each and every being.

Every country and its individuals are confronting the socio-economic issue and at this state paying a huge amount of school fees is not less than a burden.

The gesture by the Private school owners of Tabuk region has relaxed the parents. An education official while talking to the Saudi Press agency announced that 30,000 students will benefit from this and the parent’s side will benefit as they will be able to save combined SR 90 million.

The Director-General of Tabuk Education Directorate Ebrahim Al Omari quoted,“ the new initiative announced by the private and International school owners consolidates national duty during this time.

Hamad al-Sheik, the Minister of Education said the first seven weeks of the new school year which is starting from August 30 will depend on distance learning programs as a part of efforts to stop the further spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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