10 things all Indian/Pakistani living abroad can relate to

There are so many desi people (Indian and Pakistanis) living out of their countries. I have seen them in quite a large number in USA, UK, and Australia and wherever you go. If you talk about Gulf countries, I think every third person you meet will be a desi either from Pakistan or India.

Around 10% of Saudi population constitutes of expatriates coming from Pakistan and India. Wherever these desi people go, they practice their own culture in the typical style they live in their own countries. Today, I am going to talk about some things which all Indian and Pakistani youngsters living abroad can relate to.

1-You tell your entire Saudi or foreign friend that the lota placed in your bathroom is used to water some plants.

2-Whenever your family decides to go eat outside, your parents will choose either an Indian or Pakistani restaurant.

3044 10 things all Indian Pakistani Youngsters living abroad can relate to

3-At least one-half of your family is suffering from cholesterol, diabetes, high uric acid or high blood pressure. Your mom always uses ghee to make the food at home.

4-None of your guests or any guests at your home will ever leave hungry.

5-You are always mistaken for being opposite of what you are, Indian or Pakistani.

6-Your parents will only allow you to spend the night at any of your desi friend’s house.

7-Any friends of the opposite gender will be looked down upon by your parents, literally.

8-You will be constantly asked by your parents to clean up the house just in case any guests come over uninvited or unannounced.

9-Throughout your life, you will be introduced to several cousins whom you did not know existed prior to that moment.

10-You will be proud of the fact that Malala is the first Pakistani recipient to win the Nobel Peace Prize and will brag about it whenever possible.

11-Your mom will drop huge amounts of cash on “designer” Pakistani clothes but will refuse to buy you any western piece of clothing exceeding $20. (Maybe 1 suit for the wedding season)

12-A Pakistani’s/Indian’s shopping is never complete until they have bargained for every single product in the basket and on the shelves.

13-You will always call your mom and dad by their desi titles such as Amma, Abba, Baba, Ammi, and Mama Etc.

14-Random aunties at family events will kiss you on both your cheeks and will always greet you with Masha Allah.

15-Your mom will continue to watch her overly dramatic Pakistani soap operas which are downright ridiculous.

16-Your parents will yell into the phone whenever they are talking to relatives in a distant country or back home in Pakistan and India.

17-5 pm to 7 pm is time for Chai.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.