16 Incidents of Women Harassing Men recorded in Shopping Centers of Jeddah

One of the prevalent shopping centers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has legitimately recorded 16 cases of nuisance of men by women. Male shoppers complained about being catcalled and followed by the women, with nearly everyone complaints concerning the oral harassment. The center’s sanctuary department says CCTV footage supports the men’s assert. The videos recorded, have been handed to the police for additional study. The newspaper proposes that the men did not file official grumble because they feared “communal stigmatization”.[irp]

Over the precedent two years, Riyadh’s Justice Ministry records some of 4,000 cases of sexual stalking, according to the Arab News, regardless of most cases going unreported. In July 2015, two videos were extensively dispersed on the social media of men harassing women on the city streets, sparking ferocious debate in an exceedingly religious state. One of the videos was shot in the similar city of Jeddah during Eid al-Fitr festivity, which showed that the two girls were being surrounded by a collection of young men who started uproar as the women became distressed. The second video, shot in Taif, Mecca, illustrates a woman being harassed by two men. The men follow the woman through the avenue before one of them approaches and fumbles her.

A nationwide survey 2014 by the Riyadh-based King ABDUL AZIZ Centre for National Dialogue, 80 percent of contributor had sexual harassment in Saudi Arabia to women’s premeditated enticing behavior. Saudi Arabia follows a stringent elucidation of Islamic law, which is obligatory by thousands of religious police, known as Mottawa. Back to the story, the Saudi men are facing mounting harassment from their burka-clad womenfolk, according to a new-fangled report, which recorded numerous cases of maltreatment in Jeddah’s largest mall. Such sixteen cases of women harassing men were recorded and that too in one of the principal shopping centers of Jeddah lately.

The general manager of the shopping mall did the citation, that the security department of the center, which reported the cases, said some of the victims of harassment by women were the security personnel themselves. The majority of the men interviewed and said that they would stroll away from a woman if she beleaguered him while one of the other men said that he would rather notify the country’s infamous devout police. Women harass men vocally for emotional bait, principally if the man is striking, according to a solitary male shopper.[irp]

However, the sexual harassment of women and girls still immensely overshadows the harassment of men. Close watch cameras at the center proved that cases of women who were indicated in harassment videos of shopping center cameras have been handed over to the police for investigation.  MOHAMMAD ALAWI, the chairperson of the committee of viable centers in the Jeddah Chamber, said there are ten cases of harassment registered by males and females in commercial centers freshly.

Source: Arab News

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