1.5 Years Jail, SR 5,000 Fine & Deportation to the Expatriate with Fake Degree

The grievances court of Jeddah has just sentenced an Arab origin expatriate to a jail term of 1 year and 5 months in addition to a fine of SAR 5,000. The Arab origin expatriate is also to be deported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after he has served his term in jail.

The man has been charged with forging his Ph.D. degree which he claimed to have received in internal medicine. The Al Watan local daily stated that the expatriate in question was able to work with the forged medical certification degree at a privately owned dispensary in Jeddah.

The man had been working in the dispensary for seven months before the forged document was detected. The fraudulent degree was discovered by the Jeddah branch of the Foreign Ministry after the fake doctor took it there to have it attested.

A source from the court stated that the Arab origin expatriate had come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with his mother to perform Umrah; however, he was able to gain an iqama or a regular residence permit in Jeddah.

He stated that the man had worked as an accountant at a privately owned company, however, he later found that his salary which he was receiving for his services was not enough and that the needs of his family could not be catered to back home with this little income.

The convicted man stated that he had indeed studied medicine in his own country for a year; however, he had to quit it due to some personal reasons which had prevented him from continuing on with his studies.

He stated that he had come to the Kingdom with his mother in order to perform Umrah; however, he was able to get an official residence permit which then enabled him to take his first employment as an accountant in the Kingdom.

He also stated that he had contacted a professional certificate forgery back in his own country and had asked him to forge for him a fake Ph.D. Degree in internal medicine, and then supplied him with all of the necessary data which also included his personal identification photograph.

The convict then stated that the forger demanded an amount of SAR 2000 in order to forge the certificate. He added that he had received the fake degree successfully and was thereafter able to obtain employment at a privately owned dispensary in Jeddah where he was receiving a handsome salary.

He stated that after 8 months though, the dispensary then asked him for his original certificate which has to be authenticated or attested by the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The convicted man stated that the ministry discovered no authenticity of the certificate during their investigation, and once they confirmed that it had been forged, they handed him over to the authorities.

Men who think medicine is something which they can cheat their way through, they should realize that some fraudster like them could be treating their children too. May Allah save us all.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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