15 Years Jail for killing 4 months old “JINN” baby

A man killed his own infant child claiming that the four-month-old child had been possessed by evil spirits or Jinns

The man has now been sentenced to a jail term of 15 years as well as additional punishment of 1500 lashes by the Saudi court.

He killed his child and wife

While driving the car under the influence of drugs, he threw his 4-months child out of the window of a moving vehicle.

On this, the wife also jumped out of the moving car to save her child. She was soon hit by a truck at a very high speed, which killed her on the spot.

He was arrested by police

The husband then proceeded to leave the area and was only caught when he stopped a police patrol unit that was passing by, he was mumbling no understandable words to the officer in the patrol unit.

The man had been arrested as he was hysterically screaming that he had killed the jinn that possessed his young child and caused the death of his wife.

The punishment

The court stated that the man would be serving 5 years behind bars for the murder of his infant child and will be sentenced to an additional 10 years behind bars for causing the death of his own wife and driving the car under the influence of heavy drugs.

Source: Daily Mail

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