15 things you didn’t know your iPhone headphones could do

Every iPhone comes with a pair of Apple’s standard Ear Pods. Everyone who has an iPhone also has these earbuds. These headphones are designed simply but can do much more things people could realize. Even many people who use these earbuds daily are not actually aware of the fact that how strong the three-button control system works.

These controls are spontaneous, could be remembered easily, and they are so useful that you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket. You can do many things while your Ear Pods are in, those wired, white headphones can do a lot of things beyond your thinking. These magical things you can do with your iPhone headphones are mentioned below.[irp]

For the camera and other photo/video apps:

1-Take a photo: In your camera app, tap either volume button to click a photo.

Music and Other Streaming Applications

2-To play/pause: If you want to play or pause a song while listening music from your “Music” app or other online streaming apps like Spotify or Podcasts, you just have to tap the center button once and just click the center button once, it will play, pause, or resume a song or a video.

3-Skipping: Just Double-click the center button to skip to the next song.

4-Go back: If you want to play the song again from the beginning, you just have to tap the center button thrice. Triple-click to the center button can take you back to the beginning of the song or to the previous song.

5-Fast-forward: In order to fast forward through a track, click the center button twice and hold it. Double tapping the center button and holding it can fast forward the song.

6-Rewind: You can also reverse your song by using ear pods. To rewind through a track, you have to tap the center button three times and hold it on the third click to rewind a song.

Mobile Phone Calls

7-Built-in microphone: Give comfort to you while listening to a phone call and Free up your hands for any other task during a phone call by talking into the built-in microphone.

8-Answer a call: If you receive a call while you earbuds are attached to your iPhone, then it makes it easy for you to answer the call. Click the center button once to answer it.

9-To hang up: If you want to end a call, your ear pods help you in this regard. While listening to a call, hit the center button to hang up.

10-Ignore a call:  Just press and hold the center button for almost two seconds to ignore a phone call.

11-Answer the second call: If you are busy on a call and receive another call at the same time, you just have to tap the center button only once to hold the current call and answer the second one.

12-Switch the calls: Click the center button once and you can switch from one call to another.

13-Switch to call after ending the first one: Click and hold the center button for almost 2 seconds to end first call and switch to the other call.

14-Ignore a second incoming call:  If you are busy on a call and receive another call which you don’t want to answer then tap and hold the center button for about two seconds to ignore the second call.

Using Headphones with SIRI

15-Activate Siri: Tap and hold the center button for about 2 seconds of your headphone to activate Siri on your iPhone.

Source: Business Insider

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