5 Secrets Girls Who Wear Abaya Won’t Tell You

This read will speak to you about 5 confessions of a girl who wears an Abaya. Perhaps you would have never thought of this possibility, thus get ready for some laughs and gags!

1 – Clothes under the Abaya

The most appropriate clothing that they choose to wear is Pajamas. Until or unless they are going to a family gathering where they are allowed to take off their Abayas, they can wear absolutely anything underneath.

2 – Three kinds of Abayas

  • When they visit the market, they’ll opt for casual Abayas.
  • When they visit the malls, that’s when Semi-formal Abayas come.
  • When they have weddings or important events to attend, formal Abayas are all they need.

3 – Shield against stares

Abaya is used for covering females against all the stares. The woman in Islam is a treasure and should be hidden from the dust of the world. The Abaya covers them from all the stares and much of harassment.

4 – No need to lose weight

Women are more conscious about their weight than anything else. Those women who wear the Abaya are safe from this too. No matter what they look like, it’ll be hidden once they are covered in an Abaya. 

5 – Why buy warm clothes in winters?

Another perk of wearing an Abaya includes no need and room for wearing warm clothes during winters. The material helps to retain heat.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.