1400-year-old al-buqayawiyya Sahabi tree

Al Buqayawiyya tree gave shelter to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 1400 years ago, and therefore, people call it the only living Sahabi tree. The blessed tree is located in the northern desert of Jordan.

  • Al Buqayawiyya tree means blessed tree.

Al Buqayawiyya tree = Sahabi Tree of Prophet Muhammad

How is Sahabi Tree alive?

If you look around the Al Buqayawiyya tree, there is no greenery for many kilometers as it stands alone in the middle of the desert, giving science a challenge of how Allah has protected the friend of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

If you plan a trip to Jordan, make sure to visit the Sahabi tree and take shelter under it for some time. We have explained the route map below.

Al Buqayawiyya tree = blessed Tree of Prophet Muhammad

Why did Prophet Muhammad take shelter?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was a young boy of age 9 or 11 when he was traveling with his Uncle Abu Talib towards Syria for trade.

A Christian Monk, Bahira, had read in some old scripture that the Buqayawiyya tree would welcome the last prophet. He would wait for people who were taking shelter under the tree and look for signs, yet could find no sign in anyone.

Al Buqayawiyya tree = Sahabi Tree of Prophet Muhammad

One day he saw a caravan coming who took shelter under the blessed tree. The Christian Monk, Bahira, felt that the Sahabi tree recognized Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and bent its branches to provide shelter from the heat.

Bahira also saw that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was always having a cloud of protection over him to protect him from heat.

Al Buqayawiyya tree = Sahabi Tree of Prophet Muhammad

On noticing this, Bahira approached Abu Talib and asked him to take good care of the orphan as he was the one who would bring blessing to the people and mankind.

How old is the blessed tree?

Even though Muslim researchers have claimed that this is the tree that Monk Bahira notifies, it is tough to establish if this is true.

The Sahabi tree is now under the government’s custody, which takes care of it. A fence protects it, yet it is open to the public. Anyone can enjoy the shelter of the lively tree.

How do you visit the Sahabi tree?

To be precise, the blessed tree is about 150km from Amman, i.e., around two hours to reach by car. You can visit the following Ziyarat places on your way to the Sahabi tree of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Ashab-e-Kahf Cave

If you are going from Amman, the first place you should visit on your way to the blessed tree is Ashab-e-Kahf cave.

Ashab-e-Kahf were a small group of pious youngsters who took refuge from a Pagan King in a cave. Allah allowed them to sleep in the cave for around 300 years.

Ashab-e-Kahf Cave

Quseir ‘Amra

Now you will start driving to the city of Azraq and find Amra castle on the way to the Sahabi tree of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, around 70km away.

Quseir 'Amra

When you see this mini-castle from the outside, you would say it’s not worth the visit. Just do it; you will be amazed when you see the inside. The castle has hand paintings on all the walls dating back to the 700s.

Quseir 'Amra painting

Al Buqayawiyya tree

Now the next destination is the blessed tree located around 74 km from Quseir ‘Amra. Try to take the new road as the old one is quite bumpy. Finally, you will witness the Sahabi tree guarded by a fence and a gate. 

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