12 Useful Ways to Earn Extra Money in Saudi Arabia

The expats working in Kingdom are here to support their families and to earn a better living for them. It seems that it has become difficult to manage a good standard of life in available resources.

So, people are always eager to find new ways to earn some extra money. Let us share a few possible activities those are possible to be done while staying at home as well so that people and especially moms at home can be benefited and they can earn some money to support their family.

It is to remember that the underwritten activities mainly depend on your personal skills, what are your specialties, how can you benefit others to earn a little money. The Internet can be a very powerful tool to advertise your services and offers.

Facebook pages and other tools of social media advertising depend on internet related skills. One might not earn thousands within days but these activities will surely prove to be an add-on to your income.

It is important to mention here that doing all these activities is illegal in Saudi Arabia. But people have been doing it for a long time.

01-Cooking / Catering services:  People who have expertise in cooking and related skills can do many activities for earning.

For example: If you are expert in a variety of delicious dishes and you can do the cooking for thirty to 50 people, you can earn money by offering your services for home-based family functions.

Especially if you are good at cooking your traditional dishes of your own homeland you can be popular soon among expats of your own country.

02-Packed Lunch Box: Many employees especially expats are single males and they don’t have enough time to cook their own food. Packed food items for lunch can be a great attraction for them.

Menu, price and contact details can be advertised on the internet as well and people will contact themselves to pick up the food by themselves. Food quality, quantity, and price must be taken care of.

Baked items especially cakes are well in demand. So, one who is good in baking cakes and related items can earn much more, just advertise the cakes and sweets baked by you and tag the price as well and get the orders and work while staying at home.

03-Baking or Cooking Classes: If someone finds doing all above a tough job and she is willing to do something like once in a month activity, then conducting cooking or baking class is a better option.

We know many moms who simply advertise the timings of classes and tell the people as to what they will be learning and mention the fee as well. Several people are found interested in these classes.

The Internet and especially Facebook pages can be an easy tool to advertise these courses.

04-Photo shoots and Photography: If a lady is good at taking photographs, believe me, it’s a great deal to offer.

Lady photographers are much needed for home parties and events. If anyone is good at this, just post the samples of photography on internet or Facebook page and earn good money.

05-Fashion Related Business: Business activities related to the fashion industry is the easiest way to earn money. Many housewives are earning handsome money based on this home-based business.

Fashion is a hot cake. Beautiful raw materials are available out of the elegant clothes can be created. Abayas, scarves and traditional clothes are highly in demand. Samples can be advertised through online ad postings.

06-Jewelry Items: Those who can create jewelry items of their own can sell their unique creations easily. Many ladies prefer these unique design items and buy them happily.

Taking pictures of the innovative jewelry designs and posting them on a Facebook page will be a handy idea.

07-Beautician: Beatification is always highly in demand especially during wedding seasons. If you can work as a stylist it is a high paying job, but if you cannot do that even then you can earn handsome money by giving tutorials on how to do makeup.

Selling quality cosmetics and makeup items can also be a profitable by-product of this business.

08-Event Management: If you are a kind of person who is interested and can arrange events, you will be glad to know that you can earn handsome money by utilizing these skills.

If you advertise your expertise in managing and organizing events like marriages, birthday parties or corporate meetings, you can earn extra amount.

09-Mothering Tutorials: Workshops and teaching sessions on mothering and childbirth topics are in need. Ladies need to be taught about different important topics like pregnancy, childbirth, feeding the infants and parental support to kids.

If you have appropriate skills and knowledge you can be helpful for many of the ladies and can earn handsome money as well.

10-Daycare services: Taking care of kids of friends and other people is a great way to be helpful for others and to earn good amount at the same time.

Many moms who do the job are always in need of babysitters so that they can work in peace and their kids are also taken care of.

A daycare cum Montessori place where kids can be taken care of and can learn while their parents are at work is highly demanded. In this business, you can earn God money and can be helpful for others as well.

11-Content or Article Writing: If you are good at writing on different topics in your own unique way, you can work as a content writer or you can write articles on given topics.

It is one of the jobs that are home based in nature so you can do this job while staying at your own place.

Those who have good writing skills and can meet given deadlines are highly recommended to do this job. There are many blogs and websites who offer online writing jobs.

12-Tailoring services or classes: If you possess good skills in dress designing, stitching or doing embroidery work you can surely earn extra money by offering the services.

Even if you cannot do these tasks by yourself you can offer to tutor to other ladies and earn money.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.