10 conditions for domestic workers to transfer sponsorship

Last updated on October 5th, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Now domestic worker's sponsorship can be transferred from one employer to another under special circumstances. These specified situations under which domestic workers can be transferred from one Employer to another are as follows:

  1. Unpaid Wages

The employer is unable to pay off the wages due upon for three months, for the services rendered by the worker.

  1. Nobody picks them from the airport

The workers are unable to receive domestic help on their arrival at the Kingdom. It has been more than 15 days living in shelters of Saudi Arabia and the employer has not picked them up. The Employer is also required to pay SR150 per day as expenses of the worker during his stay at shelter homes.

  1. Iqama not renewed

The worker’s Iqama (residence certificate) has been not been renewed (or issued otherwise) within a month (30 days to be specific).

  1. Worker’s service is rented to another person

The worker’s services had been rented out to another person without his/her consent or provision of worker’s help in domestic chores to those who are not closely related. 

  1. Health and Safety Issues

The imposition of tasks that pose a threat to worker’s safety and health.

  1. Mistreatment

Mistreatment with the domestic worker either by the Employer himself or by his/her family.

  1. Fake Huroob Case

The Employer had lodged a fake complaint stating that the worker has run away.

  1. If the employer doesn’t show up

A worker has registered a complaint against his employer and the Employer did not show up in two sittings held to examine the complaint.

  1. The employer has disappeared

Either due to traveling reasons or due to imprisonment, the Employer has disappeared.

  1. If the Minister thinks it is legit

A case where the minister deems it legit to transfer the worker to another employer.

The new employer has been given the right to keep the worker, for not more than 15 days, for a trial basis: looking at his/her work, the employer can decide of hiring. However, Al-Ghafis has made it clear that the domestic worker shall be paid for the probation period as well.

The transfer fees will be levied on the new employer. These great measures surely will give a sense of protection to the domestic worker and will help them encounter greater job opportunities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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