12 years jail to Saudi wife, expat husband – bank transfer

The punishment

A Saudi woman and her expat husband have been jailed for 12 years for money laundering of SR 63 million.

Not only this, the special court ordered imposed a fine of SR 50 million on the couple and seized all the assets of the couple which is also around SR 63 million.

In addition to this, the husband would be deported from Saudi Arabia and the wife would be facing a travel ban of 12 years after the jail term.

How did they commit the crime?

Saudi wife obtained a commercial registration in her name and opened a bank account. She handed over the bank account to her husband for a monthly fee of SR 10,000.

The expat husband was using this bank account to make international bank transfers on behalf of others i.e. money laundering.

How did the police catch them?

When the aggregate amount of international bank transfers reached SR 63 million, the Public Prosecution made a request to look into the data.

The investigations showed that the commercial entity was not importing anything, they were only involved in money laundering.

The court gave out the final verdict while the Public Prosecution has appealed for a much harsher penalty.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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