6 Tips to get rid of the problem of Gray Hair in the Early Age

Premature graying of hair has become a very common problem amongst both young and old. With the process of aging, the hair may lose their color but many individuals face premature hair graying making them look older than their real age. 

If you want to get rid of the problem of gray hair, you need to know the reason which causes gray hair. Excessive tension and stress cause the growth of gray hair in the early age;

  • Excessive tension and stress
  • Grey hair running in family hereditary.
  • Individuals with typhoid disease experience early graying of hair.
  • Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol
  • Excessive intake of fried and oily food
  • Extra spicy food leads to graying of hair.
  • Use of too much of acidic and sour ingredients in the food
  • Lack of vitamin C and vitamin B
  • Deficiency of copper in food

2703 6 Tips to get rid of the problem of Grey Hair in the Early Age

6 Tips to get rid of the problem of Grey Hair in the Early Age

1-Curry leaves and coconut oil: Using curry leaves with coconut oil is one of the best home remedies to strengthen the hair. Make a mixture of both the ingredients and apply it to your scalp for 20-25 minutes regularly at least for 90 days.

You will witness the magic as your hair will not become healthier only but the gray hair will also start disappearing.

2-Lemon juice, curd, and Alma pack: Lemon juice mixed with Alma and curd is very much beneficial as it promotes hair growth and limits the graying of hair. Mix all the ingredients and apply this pack on your scalp for at least 45 minutes. Wash it off with Luke warm water.

3-Amla juice and Almond oil: This remedy is the best when it comes to treating the problem of prematurely gray hair. This mixture of Alma juice with almond oil fights all the problems related to hair. It boosts hair growth and stops the graying of hair.

4-Curry Leaves and Buttermilk: The buttermilk is very well known for its hair enhancing properties. Moreover, in the villages of Kerala, people have been using a mixture of curry leaves and buttermilk for the treatment of hair problems.

Buttermilk is added to curry leave’s juice in equal amount, taken in a vessel which is kept on boiling. The mixture obtained after boiling is applied on the scalp for 30 -35 minutes. Gently rinse the hair with Luke warm water.

5-Onion Juice: You can use onion juice or cut an onion slice and rub in on the scalp to limit the process of premature graying of hair. You may feel the strong smell of onion but this remedy works efficiently to reverse the effect of gray hair.

6-Sesame oil and carrot juice: A mixture of sesame oil, methi seeds, and carrot juice should be left under the sun for 21 days. The mixture should be massaged in scalp every day for 20mins for 90 days.

Reducing or quitting smoking. Avoiding too much stress. Avoiding too much junk foods. Exercising to stay fit. Having a healthy diet. Taking vitamin supplements.

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