12 Things you really miss about Saudi Arabia after final exit

Saudi Arabia is a country of wonders and beautiful sights. People living inside experience several amazing activities which they surely miss after leaving the Country.

Once you are in Saudi Arabia, it seems life is somewhere else; you try to plan some new activities to go out of Country. The moment you leave Saudi Arabia, you immediately start missing things which are the specialty of this Country.

The things which normally you don’t notice while your stay in Saudi Arabia will get prominent right after you spend one or two days in an outside locality.

12-Luxurious Shopping malls: Saudi Arabia has the best malls and shopping complexes. It is impossible that people waste their weekends without visiting malls and entertainment zones.

11-Lavish restaurants: You are most welcome to experience every new dish in lavish restaurants of Saudi Arabia. Dining and hosting is one of the prominent attributes of Saudis

10-The Rich culture of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is a country that presents Saudi culture along with modern infrastructure. The country has developed completely yet the tradition of Arabs is prominent at each place.

The site of Ad-Diriyah offers a rich National Museum & Masmak Fort which attracts tourists from other cities and countries. UNESCO is a sponsor of this heritage preservation site.

09-Mini markets: The mini markets are attractive hubs for tourist and residents to explore daily life items. Whatever you need, you can get it from small shops and stalls with several varieties.

08-The 2 Riyals Store: This store has several attractive items just for 2 Riyals. You are not going to experience such cheaper rates anywhere else.

07-The pleasant weather of Saudi Arabia: The winter is something dreamt by Saudis. Other cities suffer extreme weather swings during winter nights whereas Saudis have lots of opportunities to hang out.

Even a walk down to the streets can be a pleasing experience.

06-The Kingdom Center View: There is not even a single person who will forget to miss the Country view from the 99th floor of the Kingdom Center. It is the most unforgettable view of Saudi Arabia.

05-Time Freedom: You are free in Saudi Arabia even to visit shops till 12 a.m. midnight. The shopping malls and restaurants keep on waiting for you even after midnight.

04-Bonfires in the desert: Bonfire, barbecues, and picnics in Saudi Arabia deserts are amazing experiences. Watching the sunset while enjoying BBQ is a mesmerizing moment that you are going to miss.

03-The Country Lights: Country lights in Saudi Arabia play a role of a good companion in loneliness. They will make you miss them when you are outside.

02-Haramain: Last, but not the least is the Masjid al-Haram (Makkah) and Masjid al Nabawi (Madina). Every Muslim misses the frequent trips to Makkah and Madina.

01-Albaik Broast: How can you forget the famous Albaik. I have never eaten a broast better than this in my entire life.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.