12 Nighttime Habits that make you gain weight in Saudi Arabia

You must have heard from people that they started gaining weight as soon as they arrived in Saudi Arabia. There are some unhealthy habits among Saudi residents that can cause weight gain.

Some people do not realize that they are gaining weight because of the night time unhealthy practices. So those people who are weight conscious shall check whether these habits are part of their life or not. If yes, they shall drop them out.

Also, these habits are unhealthy and shall be avoided by all. There are these 12 habits you shall abandon to avoid weight gain.

1-Sleeping for less than 8 hours: 8 hours of sleep is necessary for everyone. Those who do not get adequate sleep tend to gain weight. But the question is how sleep and weight are connected?  Well if you do not sleep for 8 hours at night:

  • Your metabolism gets slower, means fat is deposited on the body.
  • You feel hungry and eventually, eat more.
  • Your cortisol level rises
  • You feel tired and lazy and eventually, do not undergo exercise.

2-Overeating at Dinner: Those who overeat at dinner gain weight as there is less time for the body to digest the food. Eating heavy food at night means giving an invitation to weight!

3-Going to bed immediately after having dinner: One shall allow the body to digest the dinner and then go to bed. Grabbing the bed right after having dinner not only invites digestive problems but also calls for weight. Thereby you must go to bed 2 hours after having your dinner.

4-Having spicy food at night: Not only spices are bad for sleep but also spicy food that remains unburned can cause heartburn. So avoid spicy food at night for health and weight purposes.

5-Eating fried food at dinner: Always go for steamed, grilled or baked dishes for the night. If you take food that is fried at night, you won’t have time to burn the extra calories and thereby you shall gain weight.

6-Dinner full of Carbohydrates: If you have cereals or food full of carbohydrates you won’t get a good sleep. Also, the sugar needs to be burned off for good health: but burning off sugar at night seems difficult. So try having salads, fruits, proteins and smoothies at night.

7-Dessert at night: Desserts are full of cream, sugar, and flour. These ingredients transform into fat. Also, it is difficult to burn such high calories at night. Try taking a fruit as a light dessert.

8-Skipping dinner: Skipping a dinner would only weaken the metabolism. It can affect the body in a number of ways like loss of muscle tissues, loose skin, and anxiety. You shall always have your dinner even if it consists of fruit!

9-Snack time after dinner: Snacks consumption after dinner is unhealthy: It will not allow you to sleep because of high energy.  If you feel hungry after having dinner, choose a snack which is less than 200 calories and is healthy.

10-Having caffeine: If you take caffeine or alcohol at night you will face sleep issues. Also, these drinks are high in calories and you will gain weight.

11-Using cell phones at night: The light emitted by cell phones is not good for sleep and health. Never use a cell phone 1 hour before sleep.

12-Sleeping late at night: Following the unhealthy practice will make you gain weight. If you don’t feel sleepy at night, go through a physical exercise like walk.

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