12 criteria for Saudi women to join military as a soldier

The Saudi Kingdom is taking steps for the betterment of the Kingdom and are also taking many good steps for its women. Saudi women are coming forward to participate in different fields. Now there is a good news for those Saudi women who are interested in joining the military.

Very recently it was announced that Saudi women can now join military and the Saudi Arabian Interior ministry has started accepting the application of women for joining the military in the rank of soldier.

These applications are being accepted from different regions of the Kingdom mainly Riyadh Makkah, Madinah, Qassim, Asir Al-Baha and Eastern Province.

It was also stated that any applicant who fails to fulfill the form accurately with correct information will not be accepted and there are 12 strict rules or criteria for the candidates who are interested in joining the military.

1-Must be a Saudi National: The very first criteria to apply for Saudi military is the applicants must have to be Saudi National.

2-Raised in the Kingdom: The candidate who is willing to apply for the post must be raised in Kingdom unless their father had to move abroad on government assignments.

3-Age Criteria: It is compulsory for the candidate to be young between the ages 25 to 35 years.

4-Perfect height: The candidate should possess a perfect height of 155 centimeters tall

5-Must have a good weight to height ratio: The candidate should possess good weight according to height ratio.

6-High school diploma: The candidate must have at least high school diploma.

7-Pass a mandatory medical checkup and go through personal interviews: The most important rule in addition to all the above-mentioned criteria. The candidate must pass a mandatory medical checkup and should go through personal interviews to ensure good conduct and attitude.

8-Not married to non-Saudis: The women who are willing to apply for this post must make sure that they are married to Saudi nationals because women married to non-Saudis are precluded from applying for the military.

9-Must not have any criminal record: The candidate must not have any criminal record.

10-Must not be previously employed in any government or military-related institute: It is very compulsory for a candidate that she is applying for this military position for the first time and she does not have any record of employment in any government or military-related institution.

11-Independent national identification card: This is one necessary rule that should be strictly followed. The candidate must have a Saudi national identification card.

12-Job area and Guardian’s job area: The last criteria to apply for the army is that the applicant should live in the same area as their job’s location and their guardian’s job must also be in the same area.

The Directorate of Public Security’s duties comprises to help prevent and investigate crimes, fight drug and narcotic crimes, regulate and control traffic, issue vehicle registration, and driving permits, receive civil complaints and protect visitors of the holy mosques.

Earlier this month, the General Directorate of Passports and Justice Ministry announced that the Public prosecution will begin to hire women as investigative officers for the first time.

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