12 Conditions to apply for work Visa in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare of Saudi Arabia has issued new conditions of applying for the Working Visa in Saudi Arabia.  The working visas shall be granted only if they comply with the laws of Saudization. Saudi Arabia is in a process of Saudization where it wants to empower Saudis.

The minister of labor has approved the following conditions and rules for granting work visa in Saudi Arabia which should be appreciated by the expatriates’ community as it would strengthen workers’ rights in the workplace.

12 Conditions to apply for work Visa in Saudi Arabia

1-The entrance of new workers shall not affect the presence and number of Saudi workers employed by the employer. No Saudi shall be fired off to entertain the foreign worker.

2-The new employees shall not run into competition with the Saudis already employed by the employer in his workplace.

3-The entrance of new workers in Saudi Arabia shall not affect the process of Saudization and the ratio fixed for the Saudi workers.

4-The work visas will be issued for professions which are not reserved for Saudis. No foreign worker shall be granted a visa for a job which has been reserved for Saudi citizen.

5-No work visa will be awarded to an organization if there are chances that the arrival of new workers would affect the Nitaqat category of the employer.

6-Foreigners less than 18 years of age and greater than 60 years of age shall not be granted work visa. The 60 years of age specification is not applicable to doctors, experts and others specified by the Minister of Labor.

7-No work visa will be granted to those organizations which have a history of delaying the payment of salaries to employees. The payment of salaries is monitored through the Wage Protection System.

8-The work visa will not be granted to a business which has been running a tasattur business.

9-The work visa will not be granted to an organization whose owner has been giving some or all of his employees an opportunity to work illegally at other places.

10-Any institution found guilty of forgery shall not be given the right of applying for a working visa for 5 years.

11-Any institution found doing the business of work visa shall not be given new work visas for 5 years and their existing visas be suspended.

12-Those organizations which do not renew work permit and Iqama of their workers on time would not be allowed to apply for work visas for new foreign workers.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.