12 Best Ice Creams you should not miss to taste in Riyadh

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love ice creams? Check out the list below of the 12 best ice creams in Riyadh and sort out which ones you want to try first!

1-Godiva: This costs SR 25 and is said to be the best ice cream ever! Their chocolate ice cream is heavenly and something worth a try. Once you try Godiva, you won’t be able to move on to any other ice cream store!

2-Caffe Benne: Their ice cream costs SR 10 and the best flavor is the cream cheese gelato. The flavor name might sound a bit weird to you but it just tastes like French vanilla which is delicious!

3-Baskin Robins: This, in my opinion, is the BEST ice cream ever! No wonder people love Baskin Robins worldwide. They are classic Jamoca Almond Fudge with the delicious hot chocolate sauce is soothing to the taste buds and costs SR 12 only. Worth the size of scoops, they serve!

4-McDonald’s: Besides their delicious burgers and fries, everyone seems to love their Mcflurry especially the one with peanuts and caramel sauce. Costs SR 9 only and it is the best thing ever.

5-Dairy Queen: Ever heard of brownie bits inside an ice cream? No? Well, then you have got to try Dairy Queen! Double Choco Mini Blizzard costing SR 6 only, this ice cream is ideal for chocolate lovers!

6-Marble Slab: Cookies and ice cream, yes! That is what every ice cream lover craves for! Their famous birthday cake with mashed up cookies and extra cookie dough flavor is unique yet so tasty! Never have I eaten a more different and delicious ice cream, ever!

7-Saadeddin: Biscuit Bouza priced at SR 7 is nothing less than heaven in a cup. Yes, we mean it! Taste it to believe it! Extra creamy and tastes so wonderful.

8-Cioccolati Italiani: This is one ice cream made especially for people who do not have an extreme sweet tooth yet prefer ice cream occasionally. Their pistachio and chocolate with white chocolate sauce are priced at SR 32 and it is the perfect balance between too sweet and too bitter.

9-Menchie’s: SR 30 for their Oreo frozen yogurt with crushed Oreo bits is the best fro-yo in town and I personally think it is worth a try for people who are fro-yo fans.

10-Piatto: This ice cream is refreshing and light to the stomach after a heavy meal perhaps. Their dark chocolate, strawberry and melon gelato taste wonderful and are priced at SR 12.

11-Cold Stone Creamery: They serve ice cream in waffle cups and the best flavor they have is Oreo with crushed Oreo bits. The price is SR 18 and is a hit for extra creamy ice cream lovers!

12-Saudia: The very famous ice cream sandwich Saudia. It costs SR 1 only and is no doubt, the best ice cream sandwich ever! Yummy!

Source: Destination Riyadh

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