12 Best Burgers you should not miss to eat in Riyadh

Burgers are the new in thing in Riyadh! With so many new burger chains having opened their franchises here, I am sure it must be so hard for you guys to choose which one to try first and which one to stay away from. Below listed are the 12 best burger chains in Riyadh. Check it out!

1-Hamburgini: This only costs you SR 9 and is the best looking and good tasting burger, ever! It is fresh, delicious and has that classic beef aroma in it. We’ve heard how people stand in long queues for this burger, trust me, we’re going to be one of them now. The choice of sauces is endless and the toppings taste wonderful![irp]

2-Burger Box: This burger is famous for its eye-pleasing packaging. Not only that, it has a great taste and nothing beats the intricate details that are kept in mind while making this burger. The bun is light and fresh and the meat tastes so good, we have absolutely no idea how to describe it! It is worth a try.

3-Johnny Rockets: This costs you about 28 riyals and more than just the burger, we love having their tasty shakes with it. The burger tastes amazing and although the price is a bit high, we still think it is value for money and everyone should try it at least once to judge if the price is worth it or not.

4-Burgy: Burgy costs you 15 riyals and no burger except this one can give you that yummy smoky and fresh out of the grill taste!

5-Burger on my: This costs you about 15 riyals as well and it has a unique flavor in it which makes your taste buds go wild! Their bun is beyond amazing! Their size is small but it is something people should try.

6-Elevation Burger: This burger costs you 38 riyals which we think is a bit too overboard considering its junk food after all. The burger is tasty though and has a special secret sauce which is too good!

7-The Sandwich Company: Being priced at 15 riyals, their burgers have a balance of both good taste and spices and the seasoning is kept simple so one should surely put their hands on this one.

8-Fuddruckers: This is the most expensive burger on the list since it costs 44 riyals however, it tastes beyond amazing! Nothing beats their juicy and well-seasoned meat along with a light bun. They also have an endless cheese and salad bar so one should dig into that because 44 riyals is too much just a burger.

9-Gourmet Burger Chicken: This costs 33 riyals and was the first one to introduce the smoky taste, however, we think the size is way too small for their high price.

10-Fat burger: It costs 20 riyals and although their purpose of serving gourmet burgers has now failed, it is good for a try occasionally and has a lot of pickles in it.

11-Burger Fuel: Priced at 25 riyals, we think other items on the menu than the burger is better taste-wise and it is not worth the money, at all.

12-Jan Burger: Not value for money as it costs 15 riyals but tastes below average. The burger is not in all gourmet style and is a very messy dressed burger!

Source: Destination Riyadh

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