22 best Burgers to eat in Riyadh | 2024

There are numerous fast food chains in Saudi Arabia, who makes the best burger? Here are the top 6 best burgers in Riyadh.


Hamburgini burger is fresh, delicious, and has that classic beef aroma in it. We’ve heard how people stand in long queues for this burger, trust me, we’re going to be one of them now.

The choice of sauces is endless and the toppings taste wonderful which makes it one of the best burgers to eat in Riyadh.

Hamburgini - Best Burger in Riyadh

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is more than just a burger, we love having their tasty shakes with it.

The burger tastes amazing and although the price is a bit high, we still think it is value for money and everyone should try it at least once.

Johnny Rockets Burger


Fuddruckers offers probably the biggest, the most expensive, and one of the best burgers in Riyadh with a taste beyond amazing.

Nothing beats their juicy and well-seasoned meat along with a light bun. They also have an endless cheese and salad bar so one should dig into that because 44 riyals is too much just a burger.

Fuddruckers - best burger in Riyadh

777 Burger

It has been more than a decade that 777 burgers is providing a treat to the taste buds with one of the best burgers in Riyadh. The restaurant may look shabby, yet the burgers are exciting, tasty, and mouthwatering. Their flame-grilled burgers and spicy burgers are our top picks.

777 Burger in Riyadh

Aloha Burger

If you are a fan of chicken burgers, then Aloha burgers host the best chicken burgers in Riyadh for you! From classic interior to burgers, the entire experience is worth having. You also need to try their Classic Naimi burger and Cheesy Naimi Burger.

Aloha Burger


This is a place for people with taste and appetite. They offer a burger with 1 kg of beef with fries, cheese, sauces, jalapenos, cheese, crispy onion rings, and onion rings! You can either eat all alone or can easily share with at least 3!

Blondom Burger

Burger Square

When talking about the best burgers in Riyadh, we cannot miss Burger square. If you are in the mood of eating something light and you don’t want to mess with your calories, you can try the light burger.

This burger does not have the traditional burger bun, rather is wrapped in lettuce. And if you really want to enjoy your burger, order their double signature!

Burger Lounge

If you are in the mood to enjoy your burger in the best décor, then this is the right place. Not only do they offer one of the best burgers in Riyadh, but also hats off to their interior decorator! Try their truffle burger and thank us later!

Burger Lounge Riyadh

Burgery Now

Oh wow, another great spot for one of the best burgers in Riyadh. The best thing is that they offer taste within budget! Their triple patty with chili cheese fries is the best!

Burgery Now

BT Burger

BT burger is a place to go if you want to take snaps while you wait for tempting food. You cannot get enough from their décor! Every time you go, you are amazed by it.

Coming to burgers, this is just the right spot for chicken burger lovers. They have such a diverse and innovative menu! Like they offer purple crispy chicken! Well, the chicken is not purple, the tempting sauce served with it is!

BT Burger Riyadh

Burger Boutique

Their name sure suggests quite a lot! They have a huge variety from starters to the main course! Those who want something really spicy, try their Heat Wave (with jalapeños, sriracha bacon, and chipotle sauce).

Burger Boutique

Century Burger

You have to try their Signature Century burger. The truffle version is equally good. They even have Keto beef and chicken options for health-conscious people.

Century Burger

Chef’s Burger

Loaded with beef, cheese, and sauces, they know how to tease the taste buds in the most pleasurable ways with one of the best burgers in Riyadh.

The WB burger on the menu is must try. The meat is smoked for at least 12 hours. This is not it, it is then taste driven by 9 different special sauces. For those with a good appetite, go for Fatwest burger!

Chef’s Burger Riyadh

Graffiti Burger

We added Graffiti to the list of best burgers in Riyadh as they serve some very delicious burgers. Thus, the décor adds rightly to the food experience.

The most famous of their burgers are Cheeto beef burger, buffalo spicy crunch chicken, and the rengo beef. While you may go there for the burger, do try their rollers.

Graffiti Burger

Let’s Patty

Let’s Patty is one of the coolest places to hang out. Not only their open kitchen is appealing, but their table tennis, and arcade game machine, also catch the attention.

The burgers taste so good and the environment is asking for party time. Those who like spicy food shall try the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

Let's Patty Burger Riyadh

Opaq Eatery

The aesthetic of Opaq Eatery gives cool vibes while the menu is a delight. With so many options, we still are confused about which one is the favorite because all of them are great.

There are so many beef and chicken options to choose from, and the best part is they not only give variety but also quality.

Opaq Eatery

Regal Burger

When they say Regal, they mean regal and that is why they are among the best burgers in Riyadh. The burger is so finely created that it seems to be symmetrical. The presentation is so royal.

The golden burgers flashing royally on black plates look regal. They sure know how to create everything with fitness. Do try their signature burgers which are Wagyu, Truffle, and Crispy Chicken.

Regal Burger

Shisho Burger

Well, if you want some fast food and are not in the mood for those simple burgers that come with boring patties, you need to try Sاisho burgers. They have come up with a fusion of flavors.

The classic western is infused with Asian to give the perfect taste. We had always tasted fish burgers but their salmon fillet burger is so amazing and unique. It is loaded with cream cheese, miso sauce, and teriyaki sauce. Then, their chili lemon beef burger is a must-try!

Shisho Burger


Starting fresh in 2015, Section B offers one of the best burgers in Riyadh. A simple place with simple yet classic burgers. Classic B is all time favorite while Double B is a challenge!

Section-B Riyadh

The California Burger

They know how to keep simple yet tasty. The décor and burgers both are simple, yet are too good. Thus, we had to put them among the best burgers in Riyadh.

They have a simple patty burger, which is such a delight in the mouth. You can have up to 5 patties, which would be challenging. But who does not want a challenge that is a treat for the mouth and stomach?

California Burger

The Real Burger

Well, at first, the unique menu was worrisome, but when it came to mouth, it was amazing. The ruman burger for instance is a crispy chicken with pomegranates. Sounds weird? Yet tastes amazing.

The Real Burger in Riyadh

Wagyu Burger

When a burger is the main course, it has to be something really good. So, Wagyu is one of the best burgers in Riyadh for making some real main-course-styled burgers.

They serve it with cheddar cheese, pickles and mushroom sauce, and wagyu. The best part is that they have the lowest prices in town to offer.

Wagyu Burger

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