11-year-old girl raised INR 940,000 for daily wagers

The time when the world is going through the crises, the wealthy are caring for the poor by funding and distributing aids between the needy. In India, the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown have left thousands of poor people to strive for their livelihood and the workers are suffering the most.

Ridhi raised 940K INR = SR 46,500.

At this point, an 11 years old girl in Hyderabad came forward to help the poor. The girl who is identified as Ridhi raised money from various sources and collected nearly 940,000 to distribute among the poor.

The local Indian news sites reported that Ridhi used Milaap page which is an online funding page. She started with the title help the Underprivileged – COVID-19 crises and she called on the initiative “Care – ona. The initiative was to help the daily wage workers who lost their jobs due to lockdown.

According to Ridhi, she raised money to buy 2,000 grocery kits. Her friends and family members supported her in her initiative. Some NGO and charitable organizations also helped her to collect a handsome amount.

What is inside the Kit?

While talking to the media, Ridhi’s mother Shilpa announced that the time when the lockdown was imposed, her daughter got worried about filling her own needs for the coming days but her mind changed after watching the news about the suffering of the people. The news moved her and she thought of supplying basic necessities to the needy.

5596 11-year-old girl in India raised Rs 940,000 for the daily wage workers 02

She claimed that her daughter distributed 725 kits to the people of Hyderabad city and she plans to distribute 1,000 more kits very soon. The kits included 5kg of rice, 1 kg dal, 1 kg salt, packets of chili powder and turmeric powder, 1 kg cooking oil and two soap bars.

People loved this act

People loved this act and appreciated the young for her great effort because it is not an easy task to provide the needy with their basic needs and that at the time when the country is under lockdown.

The vice president of India Venkaiah Naidu too praised her on his Twitter account claiming that the little girl action symbolizes India’s core Philosophy of care and share.

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