11 Stupid Questions asked by People in Saudi Arabia

When you’re living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are a few questions that will definitely dazzle you. People sometimes tend to ask you the dumbest of questions which will help you remark their sense of humor.

You would ask yourself, whether they are actually that dumb to ask or they are just trying to be funny. Here are 11 questions that you would occasionally be asked if you’re living in the Kingdom.

01-Are you home? the question is asked when you’re at home, busy doing something or perhaps just lying on the couch when the door opens up welcoming guests. They’ve seen you and yet would ask you whether you’re home or not.

02-Are you sleeping? For heaven’s sake people, when someone is lying in bed with their eyes closed and you can hear them snoring, they are definitely asleep. Why would you poke around and ask them whether they are asleep? In fact, in most instances, the person wakes up yelling at them that of course, they were!

03-Are you awake?  Followed by the previous question, this is even a dumber question put forth. When the person’s eyes are open and he is looking right at you with breaths is his chest, of course, he is awake. You’re not talking to a manikin, I assure you.

04-Are you going out?  You’ll have to answer this question with tons of sarcasm. This question is asked when you’re all dressed up, with your bag in one hand and the car keys in the other. Just as you open the door, in comes the question. Of course, I am going out. Why else would I dress up?

05-Are you taking a shower?  This question when asked is bound to get on your nerves. The reason is that you’re already in the washroom naked; cooling yourself off when knocks on the door stop you and come to a voice asking you whether you’re taking a shower. Can someone get any dumber?

06-Are you sick? You would be popping in tablets, having a runny nose and coughing like it’s the end of the world, but perhaps a person still doubts whether you’re sick or you just like taking meds for no reason at all. Of course, I am sick, man. Why else would I lay in bed sweating?

07-Are you cold? I’m lying in bed with blankets and you could see me shivering. Would you still have the mind to ask me whether I am cold?

08-Are you injured?  I would be bleeding my leg out, but this question would not help but makes its way to my ears. I am injured, why else would my leg be bleeding?

09-Are you studying?  For the matter of fact, this happens rarely and thus if this questioned is asked you couldn’t blame them. Though, if they find you with an open book they can ask to confirm whether you are.[irp]

10-Are you eating?  Of course, I am eating. What else do you call munching on a foodie and vigorously opening and closing your mouth?

11-Where are you?  This won’t be such a dumb question unless someone calls you on your landline. Of course, I am home because you called me on my landline. I can’t possibly extend my landline to the Eiffel tower.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.