11 prohibited areas to live in Saudi Arabia

Official sources and Saudi media mentioned some areas and places where it has been prohibited to live or even own land or house to live there in the Kingdom.

Moreover, it has also been mentioned that the areas are carefully monitored by the competent authorities. Living in such places or owing land is against the law and the rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5699 11 prohibited areas to live or own in the Kingdom

Prohibited Areas

  1. The borders of the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Medina.
  2. The Holy places and their structures.
  3. Borders and National Sanctuaries Campuses.
  4. Sea sanctuaries, coastal lands, and fish farming projects.
  5. Wild Parklands.
  6. Wildlife sanctuaries and mountain peaks.
  7. Pasture lands and forests.
  8. Electrical paths and stations.
  9. Valleys, torrents, and archaeological sites.
  10. Reserved areas for hydrocarbons, mining, energy, and mineral ores.
  11. Public properties (issued by the Utilities and Public Services Deeds), and areas of water sources, dams, and sanctuaries.

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