11 Pakistanis jailed for 7 years each for financial fraud

The Saudi court has found 11 Pakistanis guilty of financial fraud and thus has served them with 7 years of imprisonment each. After serving their terms, they shall be deported to their home country. 

You might have received a call from someone asking to update your Iqama and ATM card number to update it with the bank. If you provide this detail, they will charge and take money out of your card. This is what the group of 11 Pakistanis was doing.

These Pakistani nationals would send people fraudulent messages, call them, and convince them to update their bank information. Thus, they would get access to the required information and use it to steal money from their bank accounts.

The Public Prosecution is motivated to protect the hard-earned money of the people from such fraudsters as it is committed to safeguarding funds, providing justice, and serving criminals with severe punishments.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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