103 years old grandmother fully recovers from coronavirus

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected the aged and the young around the globe. There are more than 160 countries now where the virus is prevalent. The virus has affected 200,000 people globally and around 171 in Saudi Arabia.

Even though the virus proved fatal for elderly people, major achievements are coming in. While China is hopeful that they would be able to tackle the situation completely, there hope has further strengthened by 2 new recovery cases: both recoveries have been in elderly victims of the virus.

The Chinese Media has just confirmed that a 103-year-old grandmother from Wuhan has recovered successfully from the Coronavirus.

Zhang Guangfen, who was admitted with positive coronavirus at the Wuhan’s hospital of Tongji Medical College. She was under medication and treatment for 6 days and now has been able to recover from it.

She is now recorded as the most aged person to have been recovered from the deadly and outrageous virus.

Her Doctor, Zeng Yulan, believes that she was able to tackle the disease as she did not have any underlying health issues. She was admitted in a critical condition where she could barely talk.

Formerly, a 101-year-old Chinese is two years older than the last record-holder aged 101. No more details of the previous recovery have surfaced.

The guy with surname Dai, aged 101 was admitted with Covid-19 and got recovered within a week.

Source: Daily Mail

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