100% Saudization in Baqalas would save SR 6 billion in remittance

Saudization of many sectors in Saudi Arabia has already been observed and now the grocery sector has been targeted for the purpose of Saudization. Saudization in grocery stores would open up many avenues and job opportunities for Saudis.

Moreover, economists also believe that this is going to remarkably reduce annual remittance by expatriate workers. They further have firm belief that the remittance would fall by SR 6 billion after implementing Saudization in groceries. Recommended: List of Professions reserved for Saudis

35,000 New Jobs for Saudis in Grocery Stores

Saudization in this sector would be good news for the nationalist as it will create more than 35,000 jobs opportunities for the Saudi nationals.

There are more than 160,000 expatriates working in the grocery sector in the Kingdom and it is not easy to replace them with 100% by the Saudis.

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On the other side, the economists said the nationalization of jobs in this sector should be followed by a number of precautionary steps which also include the training of the Saudi nationals about the grocery sector and different modes of handling data such as know-how of the electronic payment system.

Abdul Rahman al Sharani represented his views saying that there should be a commitment that everyone working in the grocery sector should know how to use the electronic payment system. This system would enable them to tackle and reduce the crime Tassatur.

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Running a Grocery Store is not rocket science, any Saudi can operate it

Another economic expert Mohammad Abdul Hakim said that according to his opinion’s groceries are investment projects that are extremely profitable. It does not require any special skills or qualification or huge capital.

A person working in this field should have to be serious with his work and pay attention to the expiry dates of the products. Thereby the Saudization of this sector is a good step that will help the Saudis earn a respectable living. They shall not find it difficult to undertake the work.

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An expected reduction in the remittance by expats

If we look at the figures published by Saudi Arabian Monetary Authorities last year, in June 2018 the foreign remittance by the expat workers in the Kingdom fell by 16.9 percent by reaching the amount 10.6 billion as compared to May 2018 when the remittance were as many as 12.75 billion.

Luai Tayyer, an Economic expert said the drop in the remittance is a great step which will help to boost the state budget and open job opportunities for thousands of Saudis who have been rendered jobless in their own country.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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