10 ways to get a cheap flight ticket

Who does not love to travel? Traveling can bring us joy and memories. Exploring new places and making memories there is one of the most cherished activities for most of us. Nonetheless, Flight fares are one of the reasons we are not always able to live our dream of traveling. Flights are expensive unless you are taking a flight from Air India. But then, buying a ticket from AirIndia is not always the solution for cheap flights!

We at LISA have 10 tricks that will help you get a cheap and reasonable flight ticket! So save money, and enjoy traveling!

Always plan ahead

Never buy a ticket at the last moment. It is always advisable to plan ahead. Not only it is good for management and gives you plenty to pack and plan for the flight. But it also helps you save some of your bucks. On average, the price of tickets rises as the date of departure is close. So always plan and buy your ticket in advance to save money. It is never advisable to book your ticket at the last moment.  According to the rule of thumb, always buy your ticket 3 months or at least 3 weeks before departure!

Know the days when to book and when not to!

Do you know that on certain dates, tickets are expensive and on certain they are expensive? Never heard about this? Well, let’s uncover the fact that you should always book your ticket on weekends. Sunday is the best day to book a flight ticket, while Tuesday and Friday are the worse ones. Thus, always book your flight ticket on Sundays to save money! Never choose Tuesday or Friday to book your ticket, We shall not dwell into the reasons, yet just save our money and avoid Tuesday and Friday for ticket booking!

Choose the cheapest day for departure

Still, looking to cut down some money on tickets? Why not! We have other tips and tricks that will make your ticket cheap!  Well, choose the day of departure wisely. Choosing to take the flight on Tuesday or Wednesday would also help you save bucks! Thus, be flexible in choosing the dates. See on which date the flight is cheapest and save money!

Make some research

My rule one of planning further entails that you should not only plan but research. Make sure you compare prices for different days and pick the date of departure when the flight fare is the lowest. You can also search for airports that will offer lower flight fares. The reason is that the nearest airports are not always cost-effective. Thus, see which airport is offering cheap fares for the flights. There are some airports which offer expensive flights while others offer inexpensive ones. You will have to do some effort to save your money!

Check with different sites

Always check with different sites to avail of special discounts and offers. Different airlines and websites do offer different offers which you can avail. Thus, be active on internet. Visit the online pages of the airlines to see which one is having a special discount or which one has the lowest flight fare.

Use ‘incognito’ for online booking

Most search engines and booking sites are storing search history. They can thus not update you with the latest prices. To avoid this, you should turn on incognito before booking your flight. This will help you see latest prices and be updated with the latest discounts and offers if any! Thus, make sure you use Incognito for online booking!

Direct flights are not always expensive

We all hold a belief that connecting flights are cheaper than direct flights. It is not always true that connecting flights are cheaper than direct flights. Rather sometimes, Direct flights are cheap, especially in low-travel season. Thus, not always go with the flow, rather make some research before investing in travelling!

Grab hands-on error fares

Error fares are the fares that the airlines are not able to detect on time and thus can make a flight much cheaper. Thus always check for any error fares and save money!

Get an “open jaw” ticket

You can avail of the open jaw tickets in case you want to save some money. An open-jaw ticket is a ticket that will make you fly to one destination and then fly back from another. An open jaw ticket is cheaper than a normal ticket.

Choose a cheap airline

You can also choose a cheap airline to save money. Airlines such as Air India and others offer lower fares and safe flights! There are some airlines that offer expensive flights while there are others that offer lower fares. Make sure you don’t choose the very first airlines, do some research on different airlines and see which one is cheap!

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