10 facts about 1100 Years Old Al-Shafi Mosque in Jeddah

Al-Shafi Mosque is one of the ancient spots in Jeddah and has an exceptional significant value that leads it to be on the World Heritage List. The mosque is situated on Mazloum Lane in Jeddah and was named after one of the famous Muslim scholars, Imam Muhammad Ibn Idris Al-Shafi. He was born in Gaza in 150 Hijri years (767 CE).

1-The mosque was constructed using sea mud, stone bricks, and woods which were the basic building materials used in Jeddah at the time. The condition of mosque gets worse with the time which damages its beauty, but now it is a construction project for its rebuilding to make it an attractive place for pilgrims and worshippers.[irp]

2-Skilled and expert teams are hired for repairing and rebuilding of the mosque. Workers are working very carefully by using small instruments to protect the original parts of the pillars and walls.

3-Previous renovations were not done accurately due to which workers are facing some issues in continuing their work. They can’t even examine the drawings, carvings, and color on the pillars and the walls of the mosque, as said by one of the project supervisors.

4-The design and construction of the mosque show that it was constructed during the first three hundred years of Islam. The mihrab is located in the front, the minaret is located on the right behind the Imam, and the well is on the left in the front, as noted by the supervisor. 

Rare Image of Shafi mosque 150 years ago.

5-The walls of the mosque have two layers which are filled with a special material to give it an additional power. All workers reside in the neighborhood and are well trained.

6-The parts which were not noticeable such as the gaps, windows and the external walls are now uncovered and made visible because of renovations and reconstruction.


7-Darweesh, who has been working for the renewal of Al-Ghamamah, Abu Bakr, and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab mosques, said that the Al-Shafi Mosque would be a sample to go after in repairing historic mosques. Shops that were very near to the mosque were closed because that place was used for making new toilets and sanitation infrastructure.

8-The head of the project, Majdi Jazouli, said that the workers found a number of artifacts that were documented and then referred to the concerned bodies for expert examination.

9-During the era of King Sulaiman Bin Saaduddeen Shahenshah II, it is believed that the mosque was constructed in the year 1250 and was modernized in 1533 by an Indian trader, Al-Khawajah Mohammad Ali.

10-King Abdullah, the custodian of the Two Holy Mosque, sanctioned a budget of SR 7 million to renovate the two historic and ancient mosques Al-Shafi and Al-Memar.

An official ceremony was held to mark the end of restoration

11-President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage also announced to the organization of funds to refurbish old and historic sites in Jeddah.

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