9 Types of Girls smiles and their actual meanings

“Smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Everybody loves to smile and who doesn’t love smiling faces? It brightens and makes one’s day even better. It takes away all grief and sadness and spreads hope and shine.

A girl does not smile in just one way. There are various smiles which are on various occasions and all of them mean differently. Following are 10 types of a smile almost every girl possesses;

  1. “I know what’s in your mind” smile

This is a very common smile which you have with your bestie when your friend’s crush or a person whom you both stalk together, passes by or comes and sits next to you. You know what is in your friend’s head and that smile instantly lights up your face and makes things quite obvious.

Conversation in romantic ambience

  1. “You made my day” smile

When someone is very sweet to you or compliments you, the smile which flashes on your face is a bit different. The bigger the compliment, the happy you feel, and the bigger is your smile.

  1. Borderline smile

This is the smile which you need to fake it in order to keep yourself polite and calm and don’t look rude. This is very common on birthdays or graduation when aunties inquire about you getting married anytime soon. A death stare also follows.

The survival smile: This is the smile when you act brave and face the world with a happy face and move on, while on the other hand you are stressed and in trouble at every point of life.

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  1. Sarcastic lip-seal smile

This is the smile when you pass a sarcastic comment or face sarcasm and you need to shut your mouth up so you end up smiling for a second. It is sort of used for ending the conversation and sarcasm with a look on the face.

  1. The Oh-Em-Gee smile

This is the shocking smile when you are out for shopping and you spot a huge discount or sale on your favorite brand and you find yourself to be the luckiest of all.

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  1. The blushy smile

This is the smile when someone calls you cute or in the middle of a fight your Husband compliments you or says something silly. This blushing face and the bright smile are easily noticeable.

2977 10 Types of Girls smiles and their actual meanings 06

  1. Evil Smile

As the name explains, this is the smile when a girl plans something really evil and discusses with you. There are twinkling eyes and a huge grin.

2977 10 Types of Girls smiles and their actual meanings 02

  1. The laughing smile

This is not exactly a smile but is the rolling on the floor laugh which is with a loud sound and unstoppable, watering your eyes and shaking your whole body. It occurs when there is something really funny and is beyond your control.

  1. Idiotic smile

This is the cutest of all when you just keep on smiling and can’t stop because of a cute text by him or a cute act last night which you can’t forget.

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