10 Types of dresses every woman should have in her wardrobe

Every woman is different from another woman in taste and nature, but when it comes to the collection of clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics, every woman is attracted to this and loves to have them. Collecting beautiful dresses, accessories related to their dresses is inherent in every woman’s nature. It is the dream and wish of every woman to make herself look beautiful and prettier than other women.

Women wish to change and update herself according to the trends and fashion. Her urge to collect new and designer clothes can never be quenched. She buys dozens of new clothes every year which makes it impossible for her to manage her wardrobe according to the dresses of her daily needs.[irp]

To organize your cupboard is not an easy task. Sometimes it becomes a headache for you to decide the arrangements of your cupboard. Now I am going to tell you about some types of dresses that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1-Tops: Every woman should have some variety of beautiful printed, embroider or plain tops. This is an essential need of a woman. She can wear it with pants and skirts. There are varieties in tops, a woman should have tops that suit her.

Every woman wears a different style of tops like some love to wear sleeveless tops while other prefer tops with sleeves. Some choose to lace up tops. You can have some collection of many stylish tops.

2-Lingerie: This is one of the personal use of every woman. There should be some varieties of lingerie in her wardrobe. Married women should have a beautiful collection of nightwear and lingerie to please her husband. 

3-Designers wear: Designer wear is the eye-catching attraction of every woman. Though every woman cannot afford the high prices of designer dresses, I should say she must have a good collection of some designer dresses in her wardrobe. This will make her look stunning and amazing if she wears a designer dress in any event.

4-Women’s legging and pants: Every wardrobe of women must contain some legging for her casual wear. As these are easy to carry out everywhere. These are available easily in every size and style a woman wants.

5-Blazers, jackets, and sweaters: A woman looks beautiful wearing jackets and sweater on jeans. Gone are the days when our grandparents or parents knitted sweaters for us. Now our markets and shopping sites have varieties of the sweater, blazer, and jackets which every woman wishes to have in her wardrobe.

6-Party wear: Every cupboard of a woman should have some party wears.  As every woman wishes to look beautiful in every event of her life. So she must keep some good collection of party wear dresses.

7-Bikinis and swimsuits: if you are a good swimmer or love to go swimming, you should have some beautiful swimsuits and some pairs of bikinis in your wardrobe.

8-Maternity dresses: If you are an expecting lady or soon to become a mother then it is a good choice to have some loose and maternity dresses in your wardrobe. You can easily get some maternity dresses and outerwear.

9-Two piece sets: A woman wardrobe should have some two-piece dresses. A working lady who goes out to work daily should choose some beautiful and attractive color two piece dresses for her wardrobe

10-Skirts: Skirts in every color, design, and style are the love of women. They love to wear beautiful skirts to enhance and beautify their look. A good collection of skirts can make you look more beautiful.

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