10 traits of people who love Allah – Junaid Baghdadi

What are the characteristics of a Muslim who is deeply fallen in love with Allah? Junaid Baghdadi who is a well-known wali Allah described 10 characteristics.

Junaid Baghdadi and his friends were at Makkah to perform the Hajj. Junaid and his friends, who were friends only because of Islam and they were called the friends of Allah, sat down and held a discussion.  The topic they chose was that who is the one who loves Allah?

Junaid Baghdadi who was the youngest of them all, remained silent while others passed on their views. When everyone was done commenting and expressing the traits of a Muslim who is a lover of Allah, Junaid spoke. As he spoke his head was bent down and tears rolled from his eyes. These are the 10 personality characteristics that have been defined by Junaid Baghdadi:

  1. He forgets himself for Allah

The one who forgets himself for Allah Almighty is a true lover of Allah. He becomes selfless for Allah. When you love Allah, you don’t care for your sleep and comfort rather would care to please Allah.

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  1. He always remembers Allah

The one who is always remembering Allah the way that is taught to us by Islam. The lover of Allah makes sure that he is busy in remembering and praising Allah. Such a person is always having the name of Allah on his lips.

  1. He sees Allah from the eyes of his heart

We know that none of us can see Allah. Yet the true lover of Allah sees the Almighty through the eyes of his heart. A lover of Allah has a pure heart that would let him meet see Allah through His miracles and blessings.

  1. He fears Allah

The lover of Allah fears Allah so much so that he is afraid to do anything that is disliked by Allah. Baghdadi is of view that Allah’s lover is the one whose soul burns by the heat of fear that he has of Allah. He loves Allah but also fears Him.

  1. He craves for Allah

The remembrance of Allah has a unique effect on the lover. The lover of Allah seems as if he is under the influence of Allah’s remembrance as is a person who is under influence of alcohol. He has a craving to remember Allah.

  1. He does everything for Allah

The lover would do everything according to Allah’s will: be it drinking, eating, walking, talking or sleeping. A lover of Allah molds everything according to Allah’s will.

  1. He avoids things forbidden by Allah

Such a Muslim is always under Allah’s commandment. He does what is commanded by Allah and remains away from what is forbidden though whatever be the consequences.

  1. He feels relaxed

He reaches his peace of mind by doing everything as told and loved by Allah. This is the final stage of love where one feels relaxed by doing what has been told and lived by Allah.

  1. The world does not matter to him

The world and its color look temporary and unattractive. The lover of Allah is not excited about life here rather is cautious about the life of the hereafter.

  1. He doesn’t care for criticism

Such a Muslim does not worry about the criticism he has to face because of following the right path.

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