How to increase sperm count without medication?

There are many medicines to increase the sperm count in Saudi Arabia but if you want to improve it without medication, this article is for you.

Medicine to increase Sperm Count

If you look at the medicine to increase sperm count available in Saudi Arabia, all of them are dietary supplements. It means that by improving your lifestyle and diet, you can overcome this problem.

While choosing the medicine for the sperm count, make sure it contains L-Carnitine and Zinc. The following medicines available at Nahdi have these components;

Increase sperm count without medication

In my opinion, you should try to increase your sperm count without medication first.

Save the sperms

Frequent ejaculations utilize the sperms rapidly, so for those who are low in sperm count, it is recommendable to store the sperms and ejaculate less. Masturbation not only causes the sperm count to be low but it can also cause other defects in the male organ.

Loose Weight

It is generally seen that men who suffer from a low sperm count are obese or overweight. You can simply reduce your weight following healthy diet practices and it will result in increasing the sperm count.

Wear loose Jeans/Underwear

It is important to know that wearing tight clothes all the time causes loss of sperm count. One may wear jeans etc. as per need but sleeping in the same tight dress is not a good idea.

It may sound weird but please let your testicles breathe because they need to be in a relaxing manner and not tight and overheated to perform their role in the production of sperms. 

Don’t be stressed

If there is something that affects the sperm count and erection in a male body, stress is at the top of the list. Physical and mental stress can reduce your sexual ability and decrease the production of sperms also.

Men are supposed to earn a better living for themselves and for the family it makes many men work for hours and hours daily.


Swimming, a walk on a lush green lawn, or a session of yoga can be of good help to increase the sperm count. Keep in mind, the sperm count of healthy people is more than unhealthy ones, and exercise keeps you healthy.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol both have killing effects on male sperm count. Those who don’t smoke have addition in sperm count by at least 22%. Alcohol directly affects the functions of the liver and that has a dramatic hurt on sperm production. I

Healthy Food

The diets having a higher ratio of proteins are of good help as they cause the sperms to be created more rapidly. Fruits, white meat such as fish, eggs, and vegetables are highly recommendable.

Peanuts, cashews, walnuts are also helpful in the higher production of sperms. Excessive intake of cold drinks is also harmful to sperm count.

Take Multivitamins

As explained earlier, the medicine to increase sperm count is nothing but dietary supplements. You can eat multivitamins and it will improve not only your physical health but sexual health as well.

Sperm Count Cost in KSA

The cost of sperm cost in Saudi Arabia starts from around SR 450 but the price varies from hospital to hospital.

You can also buy a sperm count test kit and do the test at home. The test kit “Sperm Check” is available for around SR 200.

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