10 things you will never ever listen from the mouth of a Saudi

Some things, some behaviors, and some attitudes are not only common to genes and family; rather they are common to a nation and a society. Similarly, the Saudis share a widespread commonality among them.

Visiting Saudi Arabia and its people is one of the most exciting experiences. The people are quite loving, open-hearted and of course very hospitable. With my experience, I can confidentially say that jotted down are 10 statements you won’t ever hear from Saudis!

  1. Are you paying the bill?

Traveling to different countries, I have often experienced that the people hesitate in paying the bills at restaurants. I did end up paying half of it or we did divide it equally among the people.

Yet the experience in Saudi Arabia was the most different one. None of the Saudis would ever ask you to pay for the food, neither would let you pay! The waiter would have to stay there until the Saudi wins in paying the bill!

4931 10 things you will never ever listen from the mouth of a Saudi 01

  1. Pardon, but I don’t know much about it!

Well, you did die to hear this. Saudis won’t ever disappoint you and would readily help you no matter what!

  1. If you aren’t hungry, we won’t force you to eat!

Hahaha! None of the Saudi would say that you know. Even if you visit them after eating a pizza, they will defiantly force you to eat no matter what. This is their kind of hospitality.

  1. Dear child, we won’t mind if you don’t become a doctor!

Basically, every Saudi parent wants to make sure that their child becomes a doctor. However, this won’t be enough, even if you became a doctor, your parents won’t be satisfied with you! They always have high expectations!

4931 10 things you will never ever listen from the mouth of a Saudi 04

  1. You want to live alone, you can!

No way, you would have to live with the family until you get married! The Saudi parents would lock you up in a room rather than letting you go and make an independent living!

  1. I will do what I want to, I don’t care about people

Most of the Saudis are afraid of society and won’t follow their desire as they fear what people would think and say. This is something the most Saudi parents would teach to their children that “what would people say!” However new trends are allowing people to follow their hearts!

  1. You can go for a hangout with whom you wish and of course, can go for a sleep-over!

A Saudi parent would investigate completely about the person you are to meet and will hang out. The Saudis are popular for sending their children abroad for studies yet won’t send to a neighboring house for a sleepover! 

4931 10 things you will never ever listen from the mouth of a Saudi 07

  1. I won’t be asking personal questions

Mind it, Saudi parents and fellows can ask very personal questions and are hopeful for a great answer!

  1. Girl, you are mature now, go on your own!

Saudi girls are dying to listen to this statement! The grown-up girls are treated like small ones no matter what!

  1. You are now 18; make your own decisions now!

Said no Saudi parent ever!  You’ll never hear these words from a Saudi.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.