10 things you will miss after moving from Saudi Arabia

Leaving Saudi Arabia is never as easy as you think. Planning to move abroad is a challenge itself. When you have finally packed your bags for the big move, get ready for the challenges you will have to face.

After living in Saudi Arabia for some time, sooner or later you are going to miss it and realize that Saudi Arabia was the best in every matter. Here are the 10 things you are going to miss in a western country.

  1. Shisha

You will find plenty of Shisha cafes everywhere around you but still, you are going to miss a satisfying arguileh like you had in your home every weekend.

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  1. Speaking Arabic

This is the first most thing you are going to miss after you move to a western country. Western may love getting Arabic tattoos but they fail to pronounce the words of our language. Very soon you will feel uncomfortable in their company and try to find some Arabic speaking people around you.

  1. The correct pronunciation of your name

No western will pronounce your name correctly for the first time. A western takes a long time to pronounce any Arab name correctly unless your name is Sarah or Michael.

  1. Car horns

Living in a quiet place away from the city seems comfortable for a while but finally, you are going to realize what life without horns is even in working days.

  1. Arabic food

No doubt to say that nowadays every Arab eat lots of western Junk food but still, nothing can be compared with our traditional dishes like Mezza, Mansaf because they are delicious. You are really going to miss it in front of pizza and burgers and French fries.

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  1. Free delivery for everything

You are going to miss this thing in western countries. Delivery for pretty much things like medicines, pet food, arguileh, dry cleaning, grocery, etc. are only deliverable in Arab countries and that also free of charges. Recommended: 9 best online shopping websites in KSA

  1. Find someone who could pump gas or fuel for you

Yes, you are really going to miss this thing. In western countries, you will not be allowed to sit in the car and get your vehicle filled but instead, you will have to get off your vehicle and fill the gas yourself. Though it is not less than a challenge for the first time.

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  1. Cheap beauty services

This is indeed going to be a painful situation for Arab women when they will fail to find any cheap beauty services. In a little while, they are going to realize how expensive it is to get a full-body wax, plucking, hair cutting, or blow-dry in a western country. It is better for you to get some short beauty courses for yourself.

  1. Shatafa

Shatafa is the only thing that sets Arabs and Muslims apart from the rest of the world. You are really going to miss it in the west because life is just not the same without it. At this moment you can just wonder how some people can live without it?

4779 10 things you will miss about Saudi Arabia when you will move to a western country 04

  1. Cutting inline

In west you will never be allowed to cut in lines, jump, push, or make a new line of your own.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.