10 things you should never say to someone wearing a Hijab

Wearing a hijab or covering the head is practiced mostly by Muslim women. Such women opt to wear hijab to show that they are humble and choose to live modestly. Wearing a hijab is nothing more than showing their love towards Allah.

Most of the Muslim women around opt to wear it and God knows why it is misunderstood. The people, not only non-Muslims but also some other Muslims believe this to be strange and ask questions from the women who wear hijab.

Here is the list of 10 highly irritating questions that are often asked from a Hijab wearing girl. People need to stop asking them!

1-Oh my, you are oppressed

Okay, now wearing a piece of cloth over the head is the new definition of oppression? People, Hijab are a choice. If a woman opts to wear it, it is simply her choice.

The way you choose not to wear it! If a woman wears a hijab she is certainly not oppressed, so stop pitying her!

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2-You must be forced by a man

People often misinterpret that a man (father or husband) must have forced the lady to wear the hijab!

It is like saying that your husband/father forced you to color your hair or wear a bikini. Such a question shall upset you and similarly, the question upsets the hijab-wearing girl.

3-You must sleep with your hijab on

Well, this is the most pathetic question. Never ask such a question. A woman only wears a hijab in either public or in front of men who are unrelated to her.

4-Do you take shower with hijab?

Well, no. certainly, the hijab is washed with the rest of the laundry. This is a totally insane question which shall be avoided.

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5-Don’t you wish that your hair feels the wind?

Oh well, the hijab is detachable you know. It is not permanently fixed or glued. Once a girl wishes to feel the wind, she can simply take it off. Don’t be such an annoying person by asking this question!

6-Don’t you feel hot?

Believe me, when such a question is asked, the answer the hijabi girl wants to throw is that “as if you are feeling cold in these 40 degrees Celsius!” Hijab is certainly not the cause of global warming you know! A hijab is not a cause of suffering.

7-Do you have hair; how do they look?

Hijab is to cover hair; ladies with hijab are not bald! Also if the ladies wished to show you their hair, they wouldn’t be wearing the hijab in-front of you!

4883 10 things you should never say to someone wearing a Hijab 03

8-You look pretty without Hijab

Hair does add to the beauty, but it isn’t that hijab adds to ugliness! A hijab makes a girl look elegant and if she likes it that way, no one asked for your advice!

9-That is the wrong way of wearing the Hijab

This statement often comes from Muslim elderly ladies. Well, believe me, there is no definition of a perfect hijab. A hijab is a piece of cloth just to cover the hair and is worn to attain modesty.

10-You use it as a weapon to avoid men’s stare

Hijab is not worn as an anti-men weapon. Muslim women do not wear to it to lessen their beauty!

11-Doesn’t hijab limit you?

How can a cloth put restrictions and limitation towards freedom, work, and joy?

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