10 things to carry for hajj – Hajj packing list

All the local and international pilgrims are giving the final touches to their hajj packing list. In order to perform Hajj smoothly, make sure you are carrying these 10 things.

  1. Clothes

Make sure a sufficient number of clothes are part of your Hajj packing list. Light-colored, smooth, and comfortable clothes which are suitable for the warm and harsh weather of Saudi Arabia are one of the top things to carry for Hajj.

Ladies get pairs of comfortable and light tops to wear underneath the abaya. Men should be having 3 sets of Ihram while women shall be equipped with 2-3 Abayas. 

  1. Travel towel

A towel that is made up of microfiber must be part of your packing list. It is not a good idea to use a towel of someone else during Hajj so better you put it in the list of things to carry for Hajj.

  1. Hajj Slippers

You must have comfortable pairs of slippers on your Hajj packing list as you have to walk for around 50 Km during the 5 days of Hajj.  

A good quality slipper that won’t break and fits your feet sizes well should be in your things to carry for Hajj.

  1. Prayer Mat

You will definitely regret it if you won’t be having a prayer mat with you, so it must be part of your list. You must carry a prayer mat with you on Hajj as surfaces can be hard and dirty there. It is better to have a pocket prayer mat that is easy to carry.

  1. Toiletries

Carry along with your personal toiletries like hand sanitizers and contact solutions on Hajj. During Hajj days, pharmacies are out of stock and you would go through a tough time to get them, so it must be on your hajj packing list.

Make sure whatever you take is fragrance-free as it is not allowed to use any fragrance while wearing Ihram.

  1. Extra prescribed medicines

Extra medicines and first aid essentials with you must on your trip. You or someone else may get injured during Hajj so you must carry them along.

  1. Sun protector

Don’t take the sun lightly! To avoid heat strokes and sunburns, carry along sunglasses, an umbrella, and sun-protecting lotion on Hajj.

Make sure your lotion is fragrance-free and that all these items are part of your Hajj packing list.

  1. Carry bag

Always take along a small shoulder bag with you to carry personal stuff on Hajj. You are going to walk a lot on Hajj and the bag can contain water, medicine, and extra pairs.

  1. Dua List

Guides for Hajj books (but pocket-sized) and dua books are a mandatory part of the hajj packing list. Hajj is a once-in-a-year opportunity and might be once in a lifetime therefore, you should study it well and carry hajj guides with you.

Make sure you have a comprehensive dua list and books. The people, who have asked for dua, make sure to note them down.

  1. Emergency Contact Numbers

A paper containing emergency contact numbers should be part of your belongings. You should keep one piece of paper each in your bag, pocket, and in the pocket of children. It is something that you must carry during Hajj.

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