10 Things to know before coming to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, like other countries, has its distinctive culture, laws, and traditions. It is a country that tends to attract a lot many expats. Either one is coming for business purposes, job or tourism, one needs to be equipped with some useful information that would make their stay at Saudi Arabia trouble-free.  These small pointers would be helpful for all: be it Muslims or non-Muslims, single or families:

  1. Prohibited Items in Saudi Arabia

While coming to Saudi Arabia, make sure you do not carry along things that are forbidden in Suadi Arabia. To name such things: Alcohol, Pork, Poopy seed, heroin, and other drugs and porn. Never bring such things to Saudi Arabia or you shall face harsh penalties, execution or deportation.

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  1. Dress Modestly

Be it, male or females, you ought to dress up modestly. Women, however, shall bring along a loose cloak (abaya) or a maxi so that whenever they go in public, they wear it.

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  1. Take care of Salah Timings

It is worth noting that all businesses in Saudi Arabia get closed or halted during the salah timing. So make sure you plan a meeting, lunch or other events ahead of prayer timings.

  1. Never dare to preach your religion

If you are a Non-Muslim, make sure you do not preach your religion or undergo a religious activity in public.

  1. No Political Debate

Avoid expressing your views on religion and government of Saudi Arabia. You shall not spur something against Islam and the government of Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Clothes

Winters are pleasant in Saudi Arabia while summers are extremely hot. So make sure you bring along clothes according to Saudi Arabia’s temperature. Make a check on temperature and pack along clothes accordingly.

  1. Night Clubs? What is it?

It is not that fun city: I mean there is a lot of fun here like you have great tourist attractions, great malls, beaches, deserts and now cinemas and all. Yet you won’t find night clubs and bars here.

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  1. Keep your ID

Make sure you always have your passport, residence ID or Iqama with you as you leave your residence. Recommended: What is the fine if caught without Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

  1. No Mix Gatherings

Now, you won’t find mix gathering here. Even restaurants have gender segregation: there are male halls and family halls.

  1. No Safety Issues

You will find yourself safe in Saudi Arabia. There are no safety issues for expats here. Either you are single, woman or family, there are no safety issues!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.