10 Things to do in Western Compounds of Saudi Arabia

Compounds were built to accommodate western expatriates working in the Kingdom, so that they may openly practice their cultures which may not be in accordance with Saudi cultures and laws. Westerners enjoy their lifestyle inside the compounds while the locals enjoy their culture and lifestyle outside the compounds.

what is there to do inside a compound? It reduces the risk of clashes of culture and minimizes the risk of offending any religious laws. However, appealing this might sound, many people wonder, what is there to do inside a compound?

Although it may seem like you are restricting yourself from the rest of the city, there are still several ways to keep yourself entertained inside the compounds. Here are a few activities that compound dwellers indulge in to pass the time;

1-Swimming Pools: People may swim in the public pools, or get their tan on without being interrupted. This allows them to choose the level of their tan, which may range from slightly glazed to perfectly crisp and bronze.

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2-Gardens and Green areas: Speaking of perfectly crisp, people living in compounds may indulge themselves in having a barbecue or attending one, to enjoy delicious and crispy barbecued food, in many of the gardens and green areas featured in the compound.

3-Walk around the Compound: Someone with a lot of free time on their hands may decide to walk around the compound in circles, while occasionally peeking inside houses to see what kind of furniture they might have.

4-Socializing: If you have young kids, Fridays or family time can become more interesting as many of the other residents usually also have young children. This allows parents to socialize on their own, while the kids can play amongst themselves. In short family time becomes a community get together.

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5-If you are single, living alone, you may indulge in a lot of movies, DVDs or TV show marathons, without being interrupted by heavy traffic noise outside. You can also indulge in your PlayStation or any other gaming console that you may be a fan of.

6-New Hobbies: You can take on a new hobby, learn a new musical instrument or learn a new language. Although you may never use this skill afterward, it is usually better to occupy yourself rather than getting bored.

7-Sports: However, if you have no kids or family, you may indulge in other activities such as tennis, squash, gardening or shopping. You can also just chit chat with anyone willing to indulge in a conversation with you, about the activities listed above. This surely sounds like fun.

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8-Cooking: If you do not know how to cook, now is your chance, because who can have frozen dinners forever. Who knows, cooking might just become your greatest hobby and skill.

9-Parties: Some compounds with good recreational heads, throw great parties all year round, which you can attend and have a ball of a time.

10-Pajama Parties: You have the liberty of trolling everyone on the internet for an unreasonably large amount of time. Did I say you may be in your pajamas all the time without being frowned upon? That’s a sweet deal.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.