10 things to do in KAUST – King Abdullah University for Science and Technology

Those who believe that life while living in KAUST can be boring, they either need to rethink or shall read the lines below carefully. There is a number of activities that are arranged in KAUST and these activities are a great fun. They are the best way to enjoy the time.

1-KAUST’S faculty member, staff, families, and students can enjoy Gym classes and that too free of costs. These Gyms that are 3 in number are greatly equipped with almost every type of workout tools and machines.

There are separate gyms for male and females along with segregated lockers, showers, and changing areas. The air-conditioned gym has trainers who organize classes for yoga, Zumba spinning, Pilates and many other exercises.

2-Each recreational center has its own swimming pool. There are a family pool and separate pools for men and women. The island’s recreational center pool is must visit. Also, there are swimming classes for children organized there.

3-The Harbor sports club is equipped with 16 lane bowling alley. Other than this, the indoor sports that are organized there include badminton, indoor football, netball, and basketball. Outdoor activities include squash and running track.

4-The island facilitates ones with sports like climbing up an indoor wall, squash, and volleyball. There is also a kids play area and a skating park. A huge lounge waits with a huge TV placed there.

5-There is a cinema at KAUST where one can enjoy a movie with the handful of popcorns and that too at really cheap rates! Every week two news films are put up there, one is a kid’s film and the other one is an adult film.

6-At the Harbor, you will be amazed to visit in a library. By showing up your KAUST ID card, you can enjoy reading both fictional and non-fictional books. As this is not a university library, research books are not likely to be found there.

You can issue 15 books at a time and that too for 3 weeks! Yet, another great thing about this library is that they also have a DVD section from where you can borrow movies.

7-At the south end of KAUST, there is this beautiful beach where one can enjoy the sun. Just remember to bring in KAUST ID card with you as it is required for entering the beach. At the beach, you can enjoy snacks.

Free lifejackets are available for those who wish to wear. People enjoy swimming there and other aqua-sports such as windsurfing.

8-A cycling track that is worth cycling is also present on the university campus.

9-One can also hire about and enjoy great food while sailing in the water for up to eight hours.

10- Other than these activities, social events take place around the year at the campus!

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